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So, as of...maybe 20 mins ago, I just tried streaming from my PS4 on both Twitch and YouTube. Both failed, with this message and two different error codes.

Twitch gives me this:
"The connection to the server has been lost. (CE-25235-8)

YouTube gives me this:
"The connection to the server has been lost. (CE-38633-3)

I might just keep making videos instead of streaming.

What happens when a Valcour and a Kreshnik work hand in hand with each other?

Ark3029#6747 posted (#post-173776)

Hi im looking for a group to join, im on ps4 if it matters

Sweet, we could always use more PS4 members smile Apologies for the delay, I had trouble logging in to the site. Send me your discord handle and I will send you an invite!

Piloting my first Corvette after about a month has still been super fun to do. I'm extra close to unlocking Medusa. Can't wait, can't wait, I CAN'T TAKE IT!

KaranSjet#4521 posted (#post-169260)

I'm looking for a group to play with.


Hey! Sorry for the delay. I can't find your discord tag, it's telling me the tag you gave is incorrect.

Is it me or do they feel severely underpowered? The Ballista just about 1 shots other artilleries when Energy to Weapons. Tugarin packs a heavy hit behind each shot, even harder with Energy to Weapons. Meanwhile the Virtus just...barely does anything with 10 shots and Energy to Weapons. Sure it's great for maintaining damage, but it feels extremely underpowered when they're in matches. Damage is light, they're very easy targets and extremely easy to pick off individually. I noticed even in Proving Grounds (because matchmaking still has hyperextended queue times) that Oberon artillery cruisers are the first to go down and the last to deal any significant damage to make any difference.

OsamoBinSquatin#9439 posted (#post-163287)

at least on pc you can run a seperate app, i have discord on my phone but the ps4 playerbase doesnt use it.

Uh, people on PS4 use Discord quite frequently. Very rarely I've actually gotten a message at the ship selection screen with someone's discord handle so we can chat tactics during that match. There's actually a lot of PS4 players that use discord. But there's almost none in the official Dreadnought discord that play PS4. Maybe a small handful. Try joining one of the DN communities. I guarantee more than half of the members use discord smile And, if you ever wanna hop into a match and wanna use discord to chat, my handle is Kokurou#3759

My submission, showing off the superiority of Akula Vektor.

All editing done within SHAREfactory, titled "The Power of Akula Vektor". All gameplay is done within Proving Grounds (because matchmaking is still an issue) taking on all Tier 3 ships (except Nav) for Akula Vektor.

This is actually my first editing thing done. Ever. Feedback is welcome, negative or positive. I welcome all!

tell me your discord tag and I'll message you there okay?

Quick Update: I'll be able to receive messages on PSN (koku_rou49) and Discord at Kokurou#3759

Don't hesitate to join! (We have cookies AND bacon!)