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ok i check you guys out what is your discord link

thanks Alto

make sure to check your messages. The links I give only last 24 hours from the time given.

Battlegroup Valkyrie is a sci-fi oriented gaming clan. We play Dreadnought, Warframe, Sins of a Solar Empire, Elite Dangerous, and many others. We have people playing various games at multiple hours, so there's always a chance of someone online. We're super friendly, we run on PC, PS4 and/or XB1, so you'll never run out of things to do.

If interested, shoot me a message either here or PSN (koku_rou49) and I can set you up with a link to our discord. Happy huntin', captains!

-Kokurou, Artillery Captain

Update: Discord Link will be provided in a private message.

Havoc = Best experience with 3 people in voice chat and really communicating. What you really need for it is 1 Dreadnought, 1 Tactical Cruicer (healer) and 1 Destroyer (preferaby) or another Dreadnought to be the off tank. It really depends on strategy, calling out enemies, knowing the map well enough to hide in trenches, literally covering your healers with your own cruiser.

As for the mode itself, Havoc has everchanging modifiers throughout the waves until you die. Each time is different. You are given the option to buy upgrades/perks at each round if you have enough credits for them. Modules include Increase to Damage/Healing, Incoming Damage Reduction, Decrease Energy Consumption on "Energy to Thrusters/Weapons/Armor", etc.

After every wave, enemies will have their Damage and Health increased. Communication is very important. Also, the number of enemies also increases. Before each wave, you are given a waypoint for your enemies' entrances. There's not much time, so use whatever time there is to get your healer to safety before they arrive and swarm you rather quickly.

As a Dreadnought - Your task is to mainly dish out as much damage as possible as well as protecting your healer, even if it means using Anti-Missile Lasers when they're not aimed at you, especially with using your own ship as a physical shield. Don't be offended if your healer decides to do a little damage alongside yours, the help is always welcome.

As a Tactical Cruiser - Your job is to keep your squad alive as long as possible. Don't be afraid to use your team as body shields. They're taking most of the damage anyway, what's a little extra if you're keeping them alive? Literally. If you feel you have to chip in with damage, by all means, go right on ahead. The extra help is more than welcome.

As a Destroyer - The main focus is taking out the smaller, more annoying enemies that flood over you. Plasma Ram is especially good for that one ship that gets too close and are low enough that you can Destroy-er (teehee). Again, don't hesitate to get in front of your healer if the pressure is too much on them. They're keeping you alive, so long as you keep communicating.

Overall experience I had with Havoc mode, being the first time with a couple friends, we had a blast. Our first run through as a squad got us to 8 waves because of the strategic movements we were doing, constant communication on enemy position and personal module cooldowns. This mode strongly relies on communication. But it's a lot of fun. It's fun, it really tests your skill, strategy making, creativity, everything players do in matches will be put to the test.

As the title describes. For whatever reason, people always seem to go into the middle of all the crossfire of several enemies thinking that a lone healer can keep them alive. No. People. Please. Stop. Listen to short commands, know when to retreat. Please.

I'm down for that, but the game is indeed region locked on PS4. And to top it off there's only...maybe a hundred people that actually play this in the US? I've been matched with the same 10 people repeatedly and I'm over in east coast USA. It's pretty bad. Hopefully the game gets bigger, and GreyBox implements a clan system.

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Hello, Captains! It has been requested that we share the controller map for the PS4 on the forums, so here you go!

Dreadnought PS4 Controller Map

Can we replace the scoreboard button with Short Commands? Can't stand having to scroll through a 5 point short command wheel on a touchpad that's really small. Even on a HORI pad, it's ridiculously small. My finger ends up scrolling to the wrong one.

I guess I am. I have no idea what the ranks are. All I know is there's a number 4 next to my Captain portrait. shrug Beats me what anything does anymore.

Once more, I've been playing the open beta since it launched, on and off. And now that I've gotten more of a handle on everything, how things work, I definitely noticed a ton of things are still missing.

Touchpad Press and Scroll

The quickchats in this for a touchpad feel clumsy, the positioning of icons are a little screwy (even considering the touchpad I use is bigger than the regular SONY wireless controllers).

  1. Touchpad Press shouldn't require you to keep your finger on the touchpad. Instead, how about using R3 to scroll through and Pressing R3 on that quickchat command?

  2. Pinging on the minimap (depending on which quickchat command you use)

  3. Pinging on the battlefield (also depending on which quickchat command you use)

  4. Ability to ping enemies on the minimap (especially ones that you see but allies cannot. There's more on this one Later)

The minimap is rather tiny, even smaller compared to the entire battlefield but, that's okay. But it's TOO small in comparison, and there's absolutely no way to adjust it either from a menu or in the game. Hopefully a function for the minimap gets added.

One other thing I would mention (not so much an addition) is collision with terrain or other ships, ally or enemy. It completely bugs out your nagivation. So trying to descend or ascend has you turning this way and that way rather quickly. For whatever reason, I can't upload videos of gameplay, I can't even record gameplay unless it's in Training. But at one point in a match, I was just spinning way too quickly. Pulling L3 in the opposite direction wasn't doing anything, and I stayed spinning for the duration of the whole match. Maybe something can be done about that?

Now, the reason for #4 on the list. I just early-quit a match (and I do expect some kind of penalty for this later upon initial release). I'm using Cerberus in order to build a Corvette class ship, but to go through that I have to build another and another. Anyway. I'm being shot at by a Rurik, that is within my field of view, but not the giant dreadnought's field of view that's on my team. There was no way to ping him on the minimap or on the battlefield. Even as I got out of the way, I was still chased by this Rurik while the Dreadnought on my team was firing at another ship that's far out of its range. Needless to say, I died and my teammate on that Dreadnought was half dead before he realized his ship was not being healed anymore.

Quickchat commands being clumsy, I couldn't tell my ally that I was being shot from this position here, I couldn't ping to my ally that I was being chased, I couldn't do anything but move out of the way. Death was 100% inevitable.

We were losing so terribly because there was no communication at all. Or if there was, we couldn't tell there was communication. There's nothing on the minimap that shows when you respawn, your allies are often out of range of the minimap, there's no pinging anywhere, and you're stuck flying around for a minute or two looking for an ally and instead, you run into an enemy Dreadnought and Artillery and just get absolutely destroyed.

I'm slowly liking this game, but it still needs a ton of improvement. A TON of improvement. And it starts with the minimap.

Yo! Just sent you a message here! smile