They need to add a "sandbox" or at the very least a ship preview where you can select from all the various OBs and just see if you like how it works on a ship before you embark upon the thankless drain and drudgery of grinding through all the various ships just to obtain 1 OB.

IT'S tedius guys and if it persists, then you'll never retain casual players who might otherwise really take to this game which should all be about fun. Right now it's too much like hard graft, and I'm sure most of us already do enough of that at work

Keep updating guys when you can and players will always support you.

Hey guys,

Thanks for your replies so far and yes I do agree with what you've all said. Hero Ships will be of value if someone wants to use them, but the devs could have been a little more creative with allowing modiule changing, or even supply these ships with a pool of unique modules to choose from that would keep them uniquely different but also fun to play as you swap out mods depending on game mode/maps etc.

I already have 2 T5 ships, Gora and Invictus, so was interested in what (if any) difference there is in performance between my T4 Lorica and the Levaiathan. The only difference, besides the snazy hull, is on the module officer briefing for Engine Rigger and T4 sships don't last long in Legendary battles. So for 4k GP and only 1 different mod, it's a bit expensive to just have a slight chance at doing better than my Lorica that I've maxed out in terms of equipment which is basically collecting dust these days. However, I've seeen a player that's fitted the Zilant skin to his Zmey and it does look really cool, and for only 1k GP it's a lot more palatable, which is both good and bad.

Veteran matches are still fun to play but the grind for XP and so on means you're stuck deciding which ships to spend limited resources on based on how slowly/quickly you acquire them. I guess the upcoming 'Steam' update followed by the PS4 update will bring some much needed refreshments to our rosters and perhaps they'll even bring in the ability to customise our own ships a little more.

Hry guys,

I've been looking at the ships in the Market in game and was wondering why there's such a vast difference in the pricing for all the HS, and what modules they have which differ from the standard versions.

Some HS (Dread) are fitted with 2 officer briefings and are discounted whilst others only have a single OB and are full price. Apart from the cosmetics (Zilant looks cool as does the Hanuman and Leviathan) are they worth their asking prices for what they are?

This question might have been asked elsewhere already but couldn't find a thread, so I just wnated to see what people thought.


It's possible that this might just be me, but I honestly think that in game prices at this point in time (not speaking of retrofits yet, as we don't know the price) are not really low, but not that high either. A lot of people compare buying another $15 dollar game instead of a ship coating, which makes sense- but just the other day my family spent almost $30 to go see a two hour movie- which is over now, and wasn't even that good. We are not complaining that we spent that $30. At least with ship coatings, you can keep them forever. That's just my thoughts

Not to be a buzzkill or anything, but they won't last forever, only so long as this game is online, so just enjoy while it's there.