Tried this game not sure if im going to continue to play it...started to get into spaceship games only found 1 out of 4 that I really like... so far the rest have not really been woth playing. Dreadnought im kinda on the fence about, it kinda seems like it has potential if the right kind of work went into it.
So guess i'll list some things I think sould be worked on ...I might have more later if I play more

Ships type and options - I do kinda feel the ships I can piolet from the start are all like "a flying brink" making it easy to aim and hit each other with out no manuvers to really help avoid taking hits, just seems like there should be a wide varity rather than only slow ships.

Controls - to me even the controls for keybord seem slow and odd, though I was trying to use a controller too which the controller controls for PC defently need some work. But even in general they need some fixing or better options.

Matches and practice - I always feel there should just be some way to practice find out if you like a ship before using it into battle against other players. course a vs ai would work too a less stress free area to get your bearings, and not tick off other more experinced players for dragging the team down.

Character costomazation - This defently needs some work, at the level its at not sure if its even worth having in the game. Everyone being bald too dosnt help. So either needs alot of work to it... or a list of thumbnails for character icon at the point its at.

(extra just got to say it) Aliens?? - I feel I have to say this why do most of space game lack aliens? Just multible races of humans? Just weirding me out that so many lack this wether in vs ai or npc character or even having one for your character, just seems weird. Even my GF says "if theres one I can can be some bad (censored word) alien I'd give it a try" XD literally said those exact words, well except for the censored word which i dont even consiter profanity.

I just tried to day even the keybord controls seem buggy or slow... I prefure the controller for most games... I was able to do decent with a controller in my first match but confusing dont even know what im hitting... so would be nice if that stuff got fixed though game seems to need alot of work to me.