Were you the one complaining about warp jump on Vigo is too hard to get?

The game was never and will not be vettenought, unless they give auto healing missile to tacs and bring in the cancer dive comp meta.

Both are not really good in most situation, unless you have a pocket healer with purge beam, if so , go weapon amp.

As a T3 destroyer, there is really not much you can do if a Vindicta is fully committed to ramming you, same as a lot of other ships, like tacs.

Run nukes,or even run it with module reboot.

The main problem with ships that are ramming is that they are extremely vulnerable to burst damage.

Fire the nuke as soon as enemy is in range and be ready to detonate it.

If you have module amper, You can make it into a 1 for 1 trade or even kill the rammer.

People will start ramming with Vigo if Vindicta is nerfed to 15k heath.

Ramming with Vigo is my job, don't take it from me, so no.

Uninstalled game, Vigo too slow, purge ram damage too low, waiting for buff.

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Stop it, you're doing it wrong.

Storm missiles brah... 27k damage before module amper. If you want to be tanky, take energy generator as well. So you can keep shields up. Run the retaliator OB from the Jutland. Every time your shield is hit, it will lower your cool downs. This means moar storm missiles. Sometimes I like to run the Desperate measures OB just so I can get another storm missile out before I die. Oh btw, did I mention Storm Missiles? They're the second module you unlock on the Vigo...

Its nice to read advices from people who all modules have or OBs you can get in the game for your ship.

But if you have this all not you get slattered every game from the top tier player and you can only hope to get in a

few months all the modules and OBs you actually miss. smile

You don't really need OBs if you're running evasive maneuvers on your Vigo. The ship is still decent even if you run energy gen without OBs.

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I am new to the game and I have to say my experience against corvettes have been really negative. I used to play WoT and a couple of MOBAs and I have never seen something so brokenly OP as corvettes in this game.

How can a light vessel be taking on destroyers one on one with such impunity?

Warp close by, unload their CDs, and that is game over, if not, warp out, come back in and finish you.

My experience so far in veteran games that if the other team has 1 or 2 T4 vettes, it is basically game over. Vettes end up 12-0, 15-0 or something ridiculous like that.

So basically if the other team has T4 vettes your team does not have anyone with a T4 vette, the game is a loss for sure. That is the definition of an OP vehicle.

I like the game, already at T3 destroyer, but the freaking vettes are ruining it for me.

Maybe not. A dread can shut down multiple vettes by stasis pulse and repeater guns.

If you're not in, you can't win.

Stop, get some help, or git gud.

If you use warp jump on Vigo you are basically feeding.

The Vigo relies on energy gen for tanking or evasive maneuver for roaming.

If you have a squad to support you, you can run module reboot for max burst damage.

If the lack of officer briefings is the problem you're having, go with the evasive maneuver build, which does not need briefings to work.

The Vigo is a destroyer with balance stats, the goal of this ship is to deal with enemy tacs, arty escort, secondary tank or win your 1V1s with other destroyer. Know the fleet comp of both teams to adjust your playstyle.