Ping is fine, I don't think we need one atm.

50k is a bit too less you know, but whatever, I'm not a dev or something.

Can you just give me a Zmey and we're all good?

Battle Ohkta brawl let's go.


T3 ship, gone. Credit used for buying it, gone as well.

Great game, I'll stop playing it for a while, again.

Point and click assault warp + blast pulse, so much skill involved.

"We will continue to listen" But we do not care. LUL

Thanks Dev, I can stop playing this game and start doing my lab job.

We kinda need a new hero ship now.

Noctamis#2571 posted (#post-75500)

In the new PS4 Reveal Trailer theres a small preview for a new Hero Ship.

The ship is using siege mode, so im pretty sure this is an artillery cruiser. The Nox already has its hero ship skin and the Svarog is a lot bulkier, rounder and has its bridge asymmetrical to the right. The smaller frame of the Grenada and its sleek military look fit quite nicely into this new skin. The energy effects on those 4 arms are very noticeable and will probably activate on module activation or when you divert energy to weapons.

That's a tier 4 Grenada.

"Building Your Fleet" MEGALUL

If only I can get a full packed vet fleet, cause I got real life to deal with.