7 days, still can't buy anything, FeelsGoodMan.

2 hour waiting

Living The Dream BOIS

Can't even get into a match now FeelsGoodMan.

As a veteran of the post progression 2.0, reached level 47 then academic stuff started heating up. The base of this game is great, big ships with big guns, co-operations between players, Customization is limitless and easy to get.

Then the tier system shows up, tiers can work in some ways, but definitely not this way.

Higher Tiers Got More Power In It

The problem is you get more stronger not more options during the progression, this makes lower tier ships worthless against higher tiers. A bit of speed for much lower health pool and weapon damage is dumb. And lack of secondary weapons is even more dumb, a tier 2 destroyer got no ways of dealing with a corvetts for not having a flak cannon. If you really want to make higher tier feels more power in it, please balance it.

Grindfest For Days

Back in the days, when you can unlock all ships so you can purchase it at level 25. So people is able to have a taste of every ship at that moment. Real ships, not a ship then separated to tiers. I can have my athos class destroyer fully pimped up at level 26 with weapon booster pulse, and even I don't have that, the destroyer is still a viable choice. Now people get about 1 or 2 tier 4 ships at level 25 or so. and this ship needs more grinding to get fully customized, officer briefing even got split across many tier 4 ships for you to grind. Before, full ships cost about 8000-10000 credit and about 600 credits per game, now tier 4s cost 100k and tier 3s cost 24k with average around 1500 credit per game(not everyone can get that much) and you need to upgrade your module for each tier, the amount of time you need is unmatched.

Lowe the cost of the ships and let the module you bought remains throughout tiers.

Putting Ships Types Behind Other Ships

Let say I want to have a Koschei, but wait, I need to grind out a tier 4 Savorg class,I suck at artillery cruiser, guess I'll just give up, thanks.

Who thinks putting ships with different play style in a same tree is a good idea. Like study in physics department but somehow I need to study classic Chinese literature for a whole year, the idea is dumb.

Give people to choose what they want, not put stuff behind a giant wall.

By the way,TW No.1

w/l 2.7

k/d 9.26

battles 37


mainly play tier 3 destroyer and Kali

Odin#5262 posted (#post-53873)

Steelbite#7927 posted (#post-53872)

900 credits win , what a joke

The more you contribute in a match,the more credits you earn,even if you loose.

No, sir. Got 6K plus point in a match, got 1.5K credit afterward, same as a 2k point match.

Well, will we get credit refund? The tier 4 athos class cost 225K tho.

Play as tier 2 destroyer, got 10+ kd, ran into a tier 3 corvette, no way to response, drink bleach.

ONE SINGLE tier 3 ship cost 50000 credit is too high for a new player to grind out.

Or even a skillful player, the amount of credit gain is a bit too low.

Thus not many player got to the veteran fleet

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No can do at the moment. But you can stop the music all together by going into the game files and renaming Music.bnk

It's in \Dreadnought\DreadGame\DreadGame\Content\WwiseAudio\Windows