@DN_Timo, here are some good news undoubtedly, but the main balance breaking stuff is still afloat.

1. Corvett's disrupt pulse is too overpowered because it is a way of total enemy control. Playing vette you don't have any problems with approach to a target and then tac for example can do NOTHING to you after disrupt pulse and drain torpedos. Easy frag as I know

2. Valcour has practically the biggest DPS main weapons and in a couple with energy wheel it makes this vette the most dangerous ship in the game.

3. Stribog was awesome even before 1.5.0 and now it's imbalanced too. Why your team decided to improve it? If there were no many players playing this fine ship it's not the reason to buff it. It's the reason to nerf valcour!

4. Plasma ram on vindicta is a facepalm. Push 1 to kill. Skilled I suppose. Module shouldnt ignore shields really

These points are the tip of the iceberg. Can you comment some of this issues?

It looks like the only way to solve balance issues.


GJ DN. Gl with "coldfixes"

When this game will finally get healthy balance?

Warthain#2068 posted (#post-102695)

i couldnt care less about you people display of skill or lack of it ingame, go play the game and prove each other wrong...

Sorry for this. I just don't understand people who thinks that this game has no problems. They frustrating me.

Calm In The Chaos#1960 posted (#post-102689)

I recommend you not pursue this vendetta though, because I do not tolerate harassment.

I dont even have an idea of vendetta, you didn't understand me. I have just noticed the fact why you denys obvious things and you took it into your own account. Taking the offense in this situation is an absurd. Looks like the truth really has thorns.

Calm In The Chaos#1960 posted (#post-102663)

I've never played in a premade with Bio. Not once. Not ever.

I've never played with Anyone in a premade either. Try again.

Nevertheless I've seen your in their team for many times. Ok, looks like balancer spares you

You've only made yourself look foolish.

These are words of a man who calls people cancer patients without any reason. Mean argument

As for my personal skill or ability, I'm not going to get into that with you, since your opinion of my ability or skill means less than nothing to me.

Low skilled players always have an excuse. You are not the exception. Also LS players don't even want to become better and that's why you will stay blind and will never see any problems. It is your problem, not mine.

Calm In The Chaos, I'm sorry, but you are the most low skilled vindicta (OP ship) player that I've seen in this game. And it is not an empty insult. It is a sign that you dont understand balance issues at all because you dont know how to win and how to have fun in case of good game (really good balanced game where your skill has helped to your team). You just one of that "discord friends" and you can nothing without Bio, Anyone and so on and that's why you can't see the real problem with balancer in this game because you always try to play in party. Not everyone wants to play in a party and for such players this game is a cancer. Every other game gives you a chance to play solo because of skill based balance. Every game except this one. Please don't call everyone displeased by this game balance or your "discord parties" cancer patient or toxics only because you are blind.

We are working hard. We are solving HIGH PRIORITY ISSUES. Stay tuned. Look forward game development or something like that (c) Devs team

Milchschokolade, mate, I'm sorry but you don't understand the one thing. This game had non of these issues/bugs at the end of summer 2016. The game was nearly perfect that time and almost everyone loved it and got lots of fun but for some reasons devs decided that shipyard will become the great extension of it. Many old players had left the game after shipyard appeared. Devs by themselves created all these problems and now they unsuccessfully trying to fix them. They already have their own oppinion about the game and the only way to influence the development is to publicize about all it's problems until devs will hear us.