Here is the tactic I use with my Corvette, currently my average K/D ranges from 8-10 during the match.

Loadout: Beams, Blink Warp, Drain Torpedo, Anti-missile Defence and Afterburner

Idea here is to approach they enemy from a far, using afterburners and full boost, but don't blink since that can be spotted easily. Look for their Tac Cruiser first if they don't have one, Artillery. Get as close as possible to it, make sure you have 100 power and focus it on your weapons. Unload on it, if the Tac reacts and gets its shields up, fire the drain torpedo. This will result a dead Tac. Then use Afterburners and Blink Warp, in that order since you can be targeted during the blink. Repeat until you win. The reason you focus on Tac Cruisers first and foremost is because they are always hidden and offer the enemy so much survivability. I have seen so many games go 100 to under 50 because the enemy kept losing their Tac to Corvettes.

Mostly ignore the enemy Dreadnoughts and Destroyers since they have too much health for this build since you don't have the Heavy Torpedoes, if you see one that is getting away with 1/3 of its health, kill it. Just remember, whenever you see Tacs, it is your job to kill them and tip the balance to your teams favour.

Agent-KI7KO#2669 posted (#post-25559)

New player here, I have an Aion specifically built to troll Corvettes.

It has the tractor pod, flechette missiles, blast pulse, and energy generator.

Basically i just do the tac cruiser thing and heal teammates, making my beam as obvious as possible.

If i spot a corvette closing in, i prep the tractor pod and put it towards my nearest heavy teammate while pretending to be oblivious. When it gets close i get ready to push F2. As soon as i see the heavy torpedos i use F2 and get ready to use energy generator.

If the corvette remains tractored and doesn't run, it usually gets tractored slightly past me and i use the blast pulse then.

Finish off with rockets (don't have LMG yet). Swap energy to engines to chase if necessary.

Been countering a lot of corvettes this way.

I have seen some people use this tactic, it works most of the time. When I face it though, depending on the ships around the Tac Cruiser and their IQ level I can kill the Tac Cruiser easily. I approach it with boost, in the space map I come from below since people never seem to expect that. Power up weapons and unload on the Tac. I wait for them to activate shields, once they are drained and they attempt the energy generator trick I shoot my Drain Torpedoes. Boom goes the Tac. The survival of the Tac depends heavily on your team mates, I have seen this time and time again on both sides. It stops being funny after 6th Tac kill when you realize that the enemy doesn't react at all to the lone Corvette that sneaked behind them and smashed it in 15 seconds. Communicate and pray that people care enough.

Carrier would be fun if it comes either way, but especially if players are allowed to use them. I'd hope for something similar like World of Warship did with the carriers it has. It turns the game into an RTS for you where you command every squadron as a single unit. Something like this would make for some interesting plays, but there is the problem of countering the fighters and bombers. They'd need to implement automatic AA cannons that only fire if fighters and the like come close.

Never played with a Tac Cruiser but from what I've seen from the perspective of the hunting Corvette I can offer something.

Stay close to your team mates. Once the Corvette opens up, activate shields and after that's gone down and your health is getting low, auto repair. This causes the corvettes main gun to run out of ammo and thus make it most likely to run away. If it decides to stay it's going to die because at this point your team mates should have spotted the Corvette.

I personally enjoy the healing of the Tac Cruiser. I'd prefer if they were a bit more squishy since right now they can just hide and if they come under attack, they just activate shields, and if in danger auto heal from 5% to 100% in 2 seconds. Even for something like a dreadnought these things are a nightmare even if you manage to get one out of position.

This causes problems with sniping and camping, I played a very uninteresting game where the enemy didn't lose a single ship with a team comp of 2 dreadnoughts, 1 Artillery, 1 Corvette and 1 Tac Cruiser. The Dreads and the Artillery just camped the Tac Cruiser that was hidden well beneath them. Their Corvette Harassed the heck out of our Artillery and other ships meanwhile the two ships were invisible with shields and constant heals. If you tried to go in with a corvette to snipe the Tac Cruiser, you died within 6 seconds of uncloaking and the Tac Cruiser still had full health due to shields and auto heal.

I'd be interested on this, if you guys accept lvl 8 guy to the team. I live in GMT +2 and if you guys need someone that doesn't really communicate too much but listens to tactics then I'd be happy to join you guys. (I focus heavily during the game which is why I don't communicate much.)

I've played this game for around 5-6 hours, I tried Dreadnought, Destroyer, Artillery and Corvette. Artillery I didn't enjoy one bit, not for me. Dreadnought and Destroyer were fun but the winner is Corvette. This might change around lvl 15, when I get better ships, but right now I feel that Corvette is the real killer.

Corvette is fast, manoeuvrable, has insane DPS and hard to detect with cloak. The lack of good counters for them in low levels helps with this but they are not broken. Since lower levels are filled with people that aren't hardcore players and as such are not master gunners with their ships causes the Corvette to be a god amongst mortals in good hands.

I started with Dreadnought, then switched to Destroyer and now enjoy playing Corvettes. From my experience the problem with Corvettes is the fact that getting the Flak Cannon that craps on them is unavailable for a long time. With corvette I can kill so many ships by just coming in with cloak while my team fires at them. When I see either Artillery or Tac Cruiser I just go below them or behind them, unload to them for 5 seconds and they just melt. Even if they detect me with their other ships that are nearby I can get away most of the time with auto repair and full boost.

My main problem with the Corvette comes from the fact that it is extremely difficult to deal with on low levels which causes many to rage like OP. I personally have little problem with Corvettes even without Flaks but most of the time they get away. As was pointed out Corvette pilots come in two variants, useless and gods. Useless ones just feed the enemy with kills and lose the game, while gods can basically solo the game in low tiers since tools to kill them require a lot of skill to aim and in order to finish the Corvette off.

Instead of nerfing the Corvette, would it be better to give the Flak Cannon for Destroyers and or Dreadnoughts around lvl 5?