I think the devleopers have come around full-circle in nerfing everything, and now most of the strong builds that used to allow you to carry a game don't work anymore. Let's share them here now that we don't need to worry about them getting nerfed!

(1) Rapid Fire Mode + Survivor instinct

Rapid Fire Mode used to decrease reload delay by >60%. Survivor instinct decreases it by 50%. They stack linearly, so you end up with an artiliery crusier with 0 reload.
(Not actually 0, it actually falls back to the 'weapon cooldown time' instead of the 'weapon reload time' on the datamine. But the cooldown time is also affected by RFM)

This was good on the Murometz. You get ~8 shots out of it over 6 seconds, totalling ~50k damage. And you keep the shields on as RFM3 didn't drain energy.
This was harder to pull off on the Onager, as it was very fragile, but the damage was insane. The weapon cooldown time is only 0.225 on the Onager, so the effective max DPS was 5250/(0.225 * 0.3)=77.7k.

Now it doesn't work anymore. Even the RFM5 is only 40% reload boost, so you get combined 90% reload boost.

(2) Storm missile + module reboot + desparate measures

Store missiles used to do enough damage to secure 1 kill per salvo. Desparte measures resets both storm and module reboot, so you end up with 4 uses of storm missile. This has lots of uses: the you can use the second salvo to down someone who used anti missile pulse against the 1st salvo, for example.

(3) Koshei / Aion + adrenaline shot
Energy to weapon actually increases energy with adrenaline shot. I played this for 2 days, and then it got nerfed, so didn't really know all the stuff you can pull with it - mostly saw this on the other side where an aion took the combined firepower of our entire team, including drain or purge, and lives, and heals back to full after 2 seconds.

I want to echo on the disappointment. Don't get us wrong, we want dreadnought to be awesome and succeed, so we have more ppl to play with instead of waiting an hour for a legendary match and then get stomped on by LYB.

Just rolling as many things as possible back to what we had before the steam launch would go a long way. I'm talking about the sound, parts of the UI (maybe keep the new hanger), server code, etc.

I honestly want to know how does a team that has built such an awesome game since alpha decides to put motorcycle engine sound in space.

Filed in game feedback as well. I made progress in a daily contract inside a match, but the progressed reverted to before the match started after I go back to hanger. This happened twice in a row. I also wasn't able to queue any games after the end of the match, and couldn't log in for the next 10+ minutes.

I think it's not all but some T3 modules. I see siege mode III but not rapid fire mode III on my artiliery crusiers.
Edit: And this definitely feels like a bug caused by rushing out the new UI.

I thought they were made free as part of the 'claim ship for free' update?
I just saw that there seems to be a price tag on the officier briefing that I just researched. I didn't see this in the patch notes - is this a bug or intentional?

The buff to the medium arty is not deserved. The medium arty is tanky, hard to hit, and fast, whereas the heavy one is super easy to die and hard to aim. The higher range of medium arty means it can out-snipe all other ships and makes the heavy one obselete.

Survival instinct to 25% is a bit much - ships that are still relavent at that health don't benefit from a faster reload speed. I think 35% is probably a more balanced number.

Glass cannon / destruction cascade are solid buffs. Although I think glass cannon is going to overpower the other modules now because keeping yourself at 100% health is pretty easy.

The best corvette is the vindicta, aka the oberon 'destroyer'.

THIS is the reason they are not buffing rapid fire mode 4 and 5, despite they are not useful amywhere else. They obviously know this, just look at the hero ship loadout of the T4 tank vette.

This only encourages macro - the bigger the difference between manual clicking vs auto/macro clicking, the bigger the reward for using macro, and the more ppl will use it.

Lando Calrissian#2323 posted (#post-222716) said:

Something cool to watch out for and consider as to whether it needs rebalancing or not is the Grenada loadout utilizing Rapid Fire Mode module + Survival Instinct officer briefing; once a Grenada utilizing this loadout is below 50% HP, then the Grenada can spit out what seems like 20+ shots in 3-4 seconds (probably helped with a macro).

+1 they should always make it possible to hold to fire as quickly as possible. The same goes for the heavy corvette family as well. The lack of this only favors/encourages ppl to set up macros.

Desperate measures breaks these modules that I"ve personally tested: Kinetic weapon amplifier and Rapid fire mode.

It's extra bad because not only do you lose your buff, the skill's cooldown is also not reset unlike your other modules, so you lose the module for the rest of its duration AND you don't get the cooldown reset. It should really be one of the two: module stops and cooldown resets, or the effects keep going and no cooldown reset.

I'm sure it does this to all the other cool stuff too, like, (kinetic) armor amplifier, weapon amplifier, all sorts of cloak, thrust amplifier, etc. etc.

It really shouldn't.