It would be cool if the corvette from the 4th manufacturer could do straifing manuvers.

I feel very sad for this. This is a fantastic game but the developers are not making it better. I personally won't leave the game for this but I could see ppl leaving due to the harder progression and thus making it even harder to get high quality games (esprecially to get enough players to fix matchmaking) and have a cascading effect that further makes the game worse.

So in my opinion the kreshnik is THE hardest ship to play in this game. It's fragile. Its guns deal less damage than any other vette. And it doesn't turn. If you're new I recommend continuing levelling your tugarin into a vucari and play from there.

The kreshnik's advantage are 2 subtle points: (1) its guns has a effective range up to 1700m which is longer than other corvettes and much longer than flak cannons. (2) it's reasonably fast when flying straight. The mobility is quite useful in onslaught.

Funny how this is labeled as a bug fix.
Are you raising or lowering the price? Let us know so we can act accordingly!

I think the range depends on what you are fighting against.
For example if you are trying to trade shots against another non-oberon arty then you want to stay in 5k range.
But if you are fighting a vindicta which only has 5k range I would stay at 7k range.
(Although I never flied oberon arty in veteran)

There are some stronger counters than just stasis or drain. Statis and drain are for people who otherwise want to play their ship normally but just want something against a corvette diving at them.

Drain / scrambler pulse + storm missile + flak on a vindicta should work pretty well.
There's also purge beam.
Both of these shouldn't have blind spots.

This mode looks cool! I think it will encourage people to stick together as a group.
Although I'm not getting the special treatment against corvette not being able to have influence. I think it'd be better for them to have a very small amount of influence than non at all.

But then again corvetts are slightly advantaged in onslaught so maybe it's fine to give a mode that disadvantage them slightly?

As much as it sucks to get insta killed with a ram, a storm missile, an assult blink wrap, or a super buffed artillery crusier shot, it's way, way more annoying to blast everything at that koshei and see it still at full health and energy.

Speaking for myself here, I appreciate the team looking into the heal ball. It might not be invincible (good teams / players win games regardless, and matchmaking is a seperate problem) but it really sucks to play against.

Now that we have two loadouts, it'd be cool to get a module that swaps them out mid battle. Kind of like a different version of module reboot.

Different modules on the two loadouts do not share cooldown. Modules that are the same share cooldowns.

So for example you could do goliath torpedo - scrambler pulse - loadout switch - drain pulse

If you have a different aux module in the other loadout, then you can't switch back. You'll have to wait till respawn. If you do have it, then it would be on a long cooldown.

I don't know if you guys actrually incorporate a lot of these feedbacks, but since you asked for it I will give my opinion regardless.

New Modules in Tier III
-Good idea. Really looking forward to put the storm missile 3 on the Dola to level it. We need more modules in T2 and T4 as well.Would be nice to get the bolt gun in T4.

-General: good idea, they weren't seeing much usage and buffing an underused module is nice.
-Corvettes: bad idea. you guys seem to get angry when players play the game in an unintended way. For example, the bomb catapult assult light arty's which were removed last patch. Unless the creative use is game breaking, which this really, really isn't, you should reward instead of punish creativity.

Player feedback
-nerfing arty's: I dislike this in principle because we just keep nerfing things that ppl complain about without end however I rarely see people use the two nerfed modules so...
-buffing light tac: I think the light tac is underpowered compared to the other two tacs but it really isn't weak, it's that adrenaline shot is too strong. Vetts already have a really hard time today with your nerfs and I don't think this is justified. Vetts is not supposed to be hunted- if somehow another ship can chase a vette then something is wrong with this game.

TLDR: stop punishing creativity.