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I hate flying the Jutland, I love healing the Jutland. Ideal squad comp for heal-scoring? Two Jutlands and an AV dread tier III or better and me in a Koschei. The AV gets us in range and draws fire, the Juts slide in and just hammer EVERYTHING. Fun when it works.

OP, you must be flying against some of the most organized Tac Cruisers in the game! I've had 3 Tac teams (I was solo, not in squad) and it went like this: Oberon tac #1 wants the "assault warfare" badge and is busy hunting NPCs. Oberon tac #2 is playing follow-the-leader with and artillery cruiser out in the fringes of the map, and I'm playing Koschei in the middle with our teams two dreads trying REAL hard not to get popped.

DeathToll 007 makes almost all the points on what frags healers (hats off to you and the LYB crew, mad damage dealers and y'all have the Plasma Ram down to an art!), but also realize that you don't have to survive the encounter to have fun! I've landed on a Tac ball in an AV dread, broadside, autoguns, tank up and repeat... sometimes it even works! The neat part was that the whole time those cool blue notifications were scrolling past my HUD... "+8 damage dealer, +15 tank, +30 berzerker". Flying bold often scores higher, and anything that helps the grind, amirite?!?!

So get to the bridge, squad up with friends or randoms (you and 3 knuckleheads in coms is better than you cursing at 7 knuckleheads alone) and melt some Tac Cruiser hulls.

As an aside on flying a Tactical Cruiser: Redardless of the hull in question (I like Oberon and AV for different reasons) I actually enjoy flying a Tac as much or more as I do any of the other classes (especially the 'vette, I am TERRIBLE at those). You have to be SUPER situationally aware, targeting things you can't see (if autoguns goes green, MASH IT), shifting focus between 2-4+ targets, some of which are behind you, watching cooldowns and incoming damage... if you are doing it right (in my opinion) you are going to be BUSY the whole fight. If you can't beat em, do it better

I think the biggest change with the new patch and hero ship free xp will be exactly what Brother Belial comments. A movement away from Veteran matches to Recruit, especially with hero ships. They just got usefull.

The worst thing is, I can't reconcile the voice with the lore on Bix. "Led fleets into battle, deployed bleeding edge weapons flying black-ops with Icon, mutinied in order to save his people against the most powerful space navy ever"... and he sounds like Ork Bix? (which is even better than pirate Bix, love it.) Even worse, when you get into a match, old Bix is still telling me "there's nothing we can do Captain..." when I loose a ship. Simple solution? Switch the voices! Old Bix in the hangar, and Ork Bix shouting "There be nothin' we can do, Cap'n!" when you get fragged. Perfect.

I guess I got kinda lucky on this then? I met all the requirements to get into a Zmey pre-patch, and then all the xp requirements dropped and I bought it last night with xp/credits I had on hand. That said, the grind to get through the Blud looks less fun, but time will tell.

Don't get tunnel vision trying to get a kill. This will lead you to either a: die unexpectedly or b: think corvettes are OP. Keep your head on a swivel!

So it sounds like we will (hopefully) be getting Havoc or something like it for PC (really looking forward to that) and I wanted to toss out annother idea in that vein. Transhuman Remnants. A non-playable NPC faction with unique ships and rewards. It could even be done as a separate que/event with skins, credits, GP, ships even as rewards. I would envision it as a month long event "Transhumans Invade!" and the more you kill, the better the loot.

You could even substitute Transhumans with a 4th ship manufacturer as a means to introduce it to the game. "New hulls with strange captains have been lurking around Sinley Bay! Fight them off and take their stuff!" Again, just spitballing.

That makes much more sense then... I started at the beginning of the thread and I'm just thinking "this does not jive at ALL with my experience" but as they say, individual milage may vary.

Dola with tac support can be an absoulte good time, but even solo, the Dola can be fun to play as long as you have realistic expectations. You are going to trade ship for ship more often than not. Closing range is IMPERATIVE in the Dola, wether you do it with the jump module or power to thrusters (and yes, getting to that 1200m sweet spot is important). The jump is for getting INTO trouble, NOT getting out. I tend to run mine with missiles, torpedos, weapon boost and module reset. When you fly it, you have to think like a slow corvette: Going toe to toe with a full HP dread is not smart. Getting cought with all your modules offline is very bad. Officer briefings above the 101's are critical.
The ideal situation is to close on an unsuspecting destroyer (tac, arty) who is trying to kill something else. Close range with power to thrusters, launch missles and torps, weapon boost and shred. Reboot modules on weapon boost cooldown and repeat missles and torps as needed. If all this went well, immediately manuver into cover/heals range and repeat when your hull is no longer on fire.
Most important, look at enemy team composition when you are in que. If it's all T4, flying the Dola may not be ideal. If a bunch of T2's got pulled to their side, get after them.
Still working on unlocking the Blud, we'll see if I still like the hull then.

Those last three are the easiest ones! You just get in your dread, get in the middle of a big ball of reds who want to kill you and take as many of them with you as you can WHILE taking as long as possible to die!