Just tried my first game of Tiered based gaming after a brief hiatus in Dreadnought. I must say that the game that I loved is probably gone now.

Initially in a previous update, players were given a selection of 15 ships. These 15 ships were balanced in a way where no matter what combination of ships were fielded, you would always be able to have a chance at winning a game simply because there was no clear choice which was the better ship. All battles was in essence a tactics and skill matchup.

My first match in the shipyard update, I was not impressed. Initially i started as a artillery, and when I hit an enemy artillery who I later learned was a t4, I did maybe.. 10% if his hp. On the other hand, when he counter sniped me, I took over 50% of my hp in damage in a T1 ship. So in essence, he needed 2 hits to kill, I needed 10. The fact that these 2 tiers of ships were in the SAME GAME, how is that fair or balanced? Basically whoever has the highest tier gets a "free" win?

Therefore this is a grind to win game as the better tiered ship is so far and above superior in all ways that you will have no chance of beating it with a lower tier ship. I honestly did not think much as i figured.. horizontal progression and all. But this is not the case. So once you get a lead in tiers, you will start winning more and pay less maintenance so the gap between the winners and losers keeps increasing as TIERS are not balanced around each other.

This basically eliminates the skill/tactic based game that I previously liked and made it into, whoever plays more wins. This makes me sad as I felt this game had a huge potential as a competitive space game title. I guess, I will just play it casually now as the competitive angle will only ever be available to people that manage to grind it out to the max tier. Time that not everyone will have.

My 2 cents.

If you get solo killed by a corv as a dreadnought.... don't blame the corvette for being overpowerd, blame your skills for being under powered.

As title.

Here is a freebie for all. I never share my builds but as 2.0 is coming here is one of my newer inventions.

Medium destroyer:


a) circle enemy at 5km using main guns with weaponbooster. Excellent harrasser against tacts due to its mobility and with blink warp you will be where they will not expect you with an escape as well due to its ~10s cd.

b)when you smell blood use engines to get into 2.5-3km launch nuke torp and torp salvo warp out continue with main gun and wait for the fireworks to explode.

b) patrol your fleet on their flanks to kill corvs. Recommended against 2+ corv comps. PLS USE F to highlight them as 2 corvs vs you , you will lose. Try to bait them into your fleet comp and see them ragequit. or trick them into eating your nuke by manual aim and as they fly up to ABW boom.... ggez. Its ez game ez life once you get used to it. P.s. MAKE SURE TO SHIELD IF DANGER CLOSE. The nuke is ejected from your port side.

Keep to 5-7km range otherwise and ONLY CLOSE IN WITH WARP IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING! I like to use engines to move in and warp to exit. Although the reverse is always possible, if you don't learn your limit you will just be a noob feeder. If you can however kill a tac in a dual tact comp trading 1 for 1 is always good as their fleet tends to fall apart after that.


1. Nuke torpedo

2. Torpedo salve

3. Weaponbooster pulse

4. blink warp

Figure out what you want for briefings as i find this is personal preference.

I use feedback loop/module amper/nav expert/(mr fixit?)Increased hp regen decreased energy regen

You are basically a fulgora on steroids.

Excellent at flanking and moving in to kill low hp tight knit healer comps

7km range main gun with insane projectile speed. basically a full auto assault rifle with pow2wep

Excellent at chasing down and patroling team from corvettes as the guns are as close to hit scan as you get with amazing range and damage.




You have the edge vs a corv because of shields and flak but if they hit a ABW on you, which is difficult due to your speed and thin profile. They can one-shot you if they are hunting you instead of the other way around.

KEEP MOVING at all times.

Pow2engines if hostile fire is >5km

Pow2 shields for missiles/high dps modules or hostile fire at <3km.

This is one of my 5 loadouts. Every single one of my loadouts, i never struggle against corvettes. So I know it is possible, it is up to you to bring out the potential of the ship.

I have the easiest time killing corvettes from easiest to most difficult with:

first 4 I can 1v1 if it see it coming at least 3 clicks away.

1. Corvette

2. Destroyer

3. Dread

4. Tact

Last one I find it is favor of corvette

5. Arty

remember to always switch fire to the corvette when it is within 3 km of you. Target selection is so crucial. It will die because

They are not being supported as they are in the midst of your team

Accurate main/secondary fire damaging modules always scares off good corvettes and honestly kills them in under 5secs at >km if you in a ship with a real gun.

if you are a Crack shot with the arty 2 power to weapon shots on the med/heavy variants kill any corvette that doesn't shield. If they do they just ran out of energy and are no longer "impossible" to hit.

know that once you can accurately hit a pow2eng light corvette with main gun fire, no ship will ever be safe from your aim.

Yup can confirm that if you leave the tank monarch alone and respawn camp their team as corvette it is way better than suiciding against a monarch with armor amp and armor pulse. Otherwise you need to stack purge and drain and scrambler to keep his abilities on cd. Of course if it is being supported by a competent healer, good luck with that.

As you learn the capabilities of a corvette, I have found that the only ship that should struggle in a 1v1 duel against a vette is the artillery cruiser. Every other ship class if i see the vette approaching before he is within 2km, he is toast. Vettes are feast or famine, either they dominate you as you split up and get picked off, or you stick together focus fire and the vette ends the match 0kill 5 deaths or they pick a different class. When i first started the game, the only ship that i could reliably use to kill corvettes was another corvette. But after mastering all classes, i can safely say that the vettes guns will only beat another ships guns when they are within 1.2km. Almost every other ship has better effective damage at 3km or further. Therefore, in essence, if you are getting owned by corvettes, they are outplaying you. While corvettes are a nuisance, much like rikimaru/bounty hunter in dota. They are not over powered as once you are able to destroy them you will be having an amazing time whatever ship you play.

My only advice is to try a training match, learn to lead your shots. If you are hitting a corvette with focus fire at 1km, it should die with or without shields. It is only when you are missing your shots that a corvette will live under heavy focus fire. Which is very possible as corvettes are the hardest ship to land shots on. ONce you can hit them though, you will never have trouble with any ship in the game.

Can't believe i went from rank 9 to 3... was busy with my thesis so haven't played much at all this September. Guess no one has been playing this game?? xD

Probably no one cares but i play mainly solo or duo.

Thank you for the update, bad news is better than no news! Keep up the good work!