Can't you guys select a different time for maintenance, it's always in the evening for Europe when most people are playing the game here.

Bugs :

  1. Having to login twice, once in the launcher and once in the client because it keeps failing to connect the first time.

  2. Really bad matchmaking where sometimes one team has 6 t4's and the other 1 or 2 so they have no chance to win.

  3. Getting stuck on "Force launch into battle in ##" ... counter keeps resetting itself.

Since the last update i end up having to login twice now most of the time ... First in the launcher and then inside the game because it doesnt connect pretty often the first time. Maybe a good idea to complete work on new features first before implementing them? And actually testing them ? ........ -.-

CtrlAltWheee#2640 posted (#post-116131)

The hero ships suck. Overpriced, can't customize it, can't use the ship parts until T5.

To get to T5, you have to get and play the regular, customizable, better version of the ship.

The hero ship 'benefit' is that you can play your uncustomizable, less competitive ship and then pay more money to transfer xp to free xp. So to get your T4, you pay $35 plus a ton in xp conversion. All the while you are losing matches and paying maintenance because the ship itself is not competitive.

Right now, hero ships are roughly "lose money, lose customization, lose time playing it, lose matches, lose credits."

I love the idea of hero ships, own 4 of them, and never play any of them.

Exactly, i like the idea of Hero ships as well, otherwise i wouldn't have gotten one ... But they should be atleast equal to their counterparts or slightly better ..... Now they are more like Zero ships instead of Hero ships specially when it comes to the Trident vs the Jutland.

I don't think that will happen, and for me it's not needed .... I just want them to make the trident actually usefull insted of a flying blob and being able to chose modules would also be great as it's not cheap to get one

O and yeah i know the trident is ment to be a tank and not a high damage ship ... But to be in anyway helpfull to a team you need to actually be able to get to them in the first place

Nah, it's more like ... You buy a Hero ship to support the developers and get junk in return ... And it's not a jump to t4 at all because first of all you get a ship that pretty useless in T4 so it wont even be a money maker and next to that you can't even unluck new ships with it. All you are in a trident is a big blob in the sky for enemies to shoot at for a while ....... Or i'm playing it wrong, that there is some hidden warp jump in there or something to move around faster,

I really regret buying the Trident, if i knew it was this bad ( should have looked it up i guess before buying ) i wouldn't have bought it. If it's a hero ship i would expect it to be atleast as good as the Jutland or slightly better since it's called a hero ship and have the option to switch modules for the price you pay for the stupid thing like a warp jump so you can actually get somewhere without having to fly for a couple of minutes to actually get to shoot at something. Now i have a ship that cost me quite a bit of money that i never use -.-

Soooooo, shouldn't the servers be running again ?

Never mind, found the answer in another topic