I had the same problem too. I bought an energy generator for my destroyer and a message popped up saying purchase failed. Despite not getting the module I lost my money. It is clearly a bug which needs to be addressed immediately.

Now I am worried about buying any more modules until the devs have fixed this bug.

Akula Vector's coating is by far the coolest. I've always wanted to get my hands on a red pirate looking coating. I mostly play Jupiter Arms ships but I hope AV wins

On the topic of all of this have you ever tried getting into a game of Team Elimination? Well it's literally impossible. I've tried waiting for over 10 minutes at different times of the day and it never works. The devs said that if you waited for over a certain amount of time they would automatically fill the empty slots with AIs but clearly that isn't the case. It's a shame because I actually liked Team Elimination...

Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-173884)

You kinda answered your own question. Also it's how f2p games work. To understand why it's like this tou have to understand where the money for f2p games comes from.

70% of a f2p games income comes from just 10% of the player base. So you have to keep in the back of your.mind that just because it's there dose not mean your are supposed to have it.

To be fair to them, they do do pain packs every now and then where you can buy a coating for all your ships for something like 1000gp. That not a bad price.

Well of course they need money somehow. I get that. I'm just trying to say that this isn't the way to go about it. Imagine if you purchased a hero ship but could only use it in certain game modes and if you wanted to use it in other game modes you had to buy it again.

My point is that it's basic logic that a purchased paint scheme should be available on all ships because naturally people will often want their ships of a fleet to have the same color, and otherwise it would be very expensive. If you bought the hunter pack for example you could only purchase two paint schemes anyway and that's not a lot, especially if you could only use those paints on a few of your ships.

If the devs want more ways to make money then go right ahead but they should do something that's more rational such as adding more hero ships or a new category of cosmetics.

I get the devs have to make money somehow, but making people buy the SAME coating over again for every new ship type is just straight up ridiculous. The price to simply paint your ship is quite high to start with and when you purchase hero ships their coatings can be applied to any ship type, so why should it be any different when you purchase other coatings?

Sorry if I sound harsh. I'd like to think you devs would take some initiative here and remove this completely unnecessary feature but unfortunately you all have an unreliable record of listening to your player's suggestions/input. If you think I'm wrong in saying that, don't just tell me - prove it by making this change. I'm not at all asking for much here... being allowed to apply a purchased color coating to ALL ships you own is a perfectly reasonable thing that should be implemented, and not being able to do so should never have been in the game to begin with.

If any of you all agree with me please speak up or else the devs won't listen

dreadpony#0823 posted (#post-172967)

Does it works in a battle?

Want it so much <3

I wish it did. If the devs implemented such a feature it would be awesome

dreadpony#0823 posted (#post-172967)

Does it works in a battle?

Want it so much <3

I wish it did. If the devs implemented such a feature it would be awesome

I ran into a glitch a while back which put the monarch guns on other ships. Imgur. It got me thinking about the future possibilities of unlocking other primary weapons for ships besides the default ones.

I presume that ship maintenance takes a certain amount of time to complete if you choose not to spend money, just like any other game with this mechanic. That must be why it says "pay credits to skip maintenance."

For some reason though my fleet doesn't receive maintenance after a certain period of time. It has been in maintenance for two days now. There must be something wrong here, it seems like a bug of some sort. Or are we really forced to spend credits for maintenance?

Falcione#2177 posted (#post-58414)

I for one, prefer the progression 2.0 format to the previous one. I didn't like waiting 20 levels to unlock the module I liked. Here, presumably, I can reduce the time it takes to start using the ship/tech I want by going straight for it.

I can see why you say this, but guess what. Prior to the update, after grinding to a certain level you earned FIVE ships. Now past tier two it takes about the same amount of time to unlock just ONE ship, not to mention grinding for each individual module(which you did mention).

What needs to happen is they should go back to the old MOBA format of progression. This is a MOBA game, not a world of tanks/ships style game. It therefor deserves a MOBA progression system, even if it is not exactly the same as before, it just can not be tech trees and grinding. All the new ships they have added give more diversity to the game, but they can be easily implemented into another progression format.