I know updates are coming very slow and that's fine with me, better to spend more time fine tuning things then rush the production. I don't watch all the live streams though, so I may have missed some of what the developers have said regarding progression 2.0's approximate release date. Can anyone fill me in on when we can expect this update?

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virtualy nobody ever queue's up for team elimination > so queue times are usualy infinite (it's amazing you even managed to get 2 matches)

you cant play a different server since there is only one :p

solution: play team deathmatch lol

Thanks, I had a feeling this was the case. Just wanted to be able to fly around in one of the fighters. As for the two times I was able to get into matches it was several months ago(may even have been alpha, can't remember if team elimination was around then) so more people might have been joining the queue.

The team elimination wait times are always extremely long and can take 15+ minutes for me. Most times I end up having to cancel. I have only gotten into 2 matches ever, but have tried playing on many different days and times of the day. That being said I haven't tried playing on a different server, which I would if I knew how.

Does anyone know how to fix this or how to play on a different server?

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they've tried adding it twice so far, both times the maintenance got canceled last minute because of issues that came up smile

so it'll be here whenever they manage to apply the patch without issues :p

Did they say this in a live stream?

I think the sail/bridge and sail "fins" of military submarines could make for a good looking ship bridge. It's just an idea but I think it could work on ships like the Invictus, Zmey, and Vindicta. Take a look at the pictures bellow and tell me if you could see a submarine style bridge working as the bridge of one of the ships, or if there is another ship that could work as well. The pictures bellow are just to visualize what some bridges could look like, in game they would of course look different and more appropriate for the ships of Dreadnought.

It's been over two weeks since the market update containing the trident bundle was announced. Anyone know when it will finally be released?

Just wondering if they are going to wipe our progress after closed/open beta. I remember them saying something about how the current ship progression system is incomplete.

After buying the founders pack and redeeming the code, I logged into the game to find I had received the 3,000 Gp but no hero ships. When I go to the loadouts menu to add hero ships it only gives me the option to 3d preview them. Also I don't have access to any of the hero ship skins for my other ships. Does anybody know how to fix this? And one more question, where do I go to get my recruitment packs? Id like to give some to my friends.

edit: I saw the megathread for people having this issue but couldn't reply to it

Ive had this problem to, I guess its some kind of graphics problem they hopefully can fix in the future

The devs released a post not too long ago saying that the severs were delayed but should now be up. Is there something I am missing, or is there another maintenance break underway?