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Then why on EARTH did you just make a SciFi World of Warships Tanks Hyrbid? I heard and saw so many cool things about this game, just bought the $49 pack and invited friends with the we are all about to go back to whatever we were each playing before.

This model is terrible. The progression system is GARBAGE.....we were all excited about the different roles we wanted, then we saw this nightmare show of a progression if I want to get into Heavy Destroyer I have to go play a Sniper for 3 Tiers?

Or your new match making system, good lord, you realize one of the biggest "Yeah screw this game" factors of World of Warships / War Thunder / Etc is the whole "Hey , welcome to the match, enjoy being completely dominated because you are super over tiered this game, you're useless, have fun!".

You guys seriously need to reflect on some design choices....

Well they fixed matchmaking a little, but as far as the progression system goes I couldn't agree more. The devs need to realize that if they dont make some major changes to it soon, and by that I mean making the tech tree MUCH less grindy, then they will lose the majority of their player base. It would be such a shame to see this game fail, but if the devs don't take proper action soon it could very well happen.

Prior to progression 2.0 we could preview all ships by right clicking them in the market and selecting the option. I'd like to preview all the ships in the tech tree, honestly just to be able to marvel their appearance. This shouldn't be to much to ask for and hopefully the devs could implement this simple feature in the next patch.

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The op didn't complain about a bumpy ("not smooth") experience. He complained about an unplayable game. Have you taken a look at your statistics lately? I mean, one quick glance over the forums and even I can tell you most people hate it. Saying everything will get better doesn't actually make anything better.

In fact, doing so makes you look even worse. This isn't an issue you can address by tweaking a few numbers. This is a general systemic issue that is so far off kilter it's not even funny anymore. At the danger of sounding like a broken record: This is a MOBA. Look at the successfull MOBAs out there and copy them. Do NOT copy totally unrelated games with mechanics that do not at all translate to this game.

This is not tanks, this is not warships. Dreadnought has the classic Moba setup with Tank, Damagedealer and Healer. If you treat it like the "World of"-stuff it will not work. Mobas are by nature competitive. This update trashed the competitive aspect. What is left is neither fun to play nor fun to watch.

Thanks so much for saying this. This is what the devs really need to consider. Unfortunately despite all the time they put into this new tech tree system it just wont work. They need to revert back to a MOBA style progression system or this game will continue to lose it's player base.

As far as 1 and 2 go, they should just remove the maintenance altogether. A currency sink in this game's economy is completely unnecessary. For 3, if we went with your idea each player would start with 15 tier 1 ships. It may be a little overwhelming. I wouldn't completely rule it out, but it might make more sense if whichever class inst available at tier 1 is made available at tier 2. Personally I'm against the entire tier system, and would prefer the old system of unlocking multiple ships every time a certain level is reached.

Your 4th idea is great though and its what most players want to see in this game as well. Nobody wants to play a game that is a huge grind fest and will only allow them to play a few ships without committing insane hours. Hopefully the devs will significantly decrease the costs of higher tier ships this next patch, or else they will continue to lose their player base.

Along these lines of having more pve content, I think a mission editor would be a very good and necessary addition to this game. For one it would encourage more strategic battles, something the game is currently lacking. It would also make combat in the game much more technical with custom objectives and whatnot.

My idea for an editor would be something like the Eden editor of Arma 3. You can place down ships and spawn points which can be used by either players or the AI. Then you could also have options such as waypoints/objectives that affect where ships go, how the battle plays out, and what the mission goal is. Having a mission editor could also be used for cinematic purposes, such as creating a battle between two fleets of AI or player ships.

This is just a very broad idea that hopefully the community will want to add to and that I plan to add to as well. Not only would it be very cool to see this implemented into a game like dreadnought but it would be essential to having more variety in the gameplay, and I hope you agree.

Thanks for taking the time to write all this, and I hope the devs make a response soon. It goes without saying they need to revamp this new system, and make it so that players can unlock ships in a reasonable amount of time without pouring tons of hours into the game.

Thanks for saying this, this is exactly what I was thinking. Before hand we could require all the ships in a reasonable amount of time, and there was really only one tier of ships. Now players are going to have to pour in many more hours just to unlock each individual ship. What we need is more of a MOBA style system for acquiring ships, where every few levels or so we unlock several ships but still spend credits to buy them.

I would like to receive email notifications every time someone replies to my posts on this forum, and have the option checked in my profile settings. It doesn't happen though, can someone help me fix this?

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How about you charge MONEY for the game instead of making it F2P, then actually let the game have fun progression, non-grindy ships and unlocks, and generally improve the flow of everything? You would also probably make more money as people will see a review, think it looks fun, and buy it. Rather than installing it, seeing how ridiculously grindy it all is and how it suffers from the "just another £5 then I'll have fun" F2P P2W ideology and quit. I might sound like a troll but I'm being dead serious

You dont sound like a troll. Believe me there are other people that are thinking this as well and it is a good idea, but unfortunately it might be to late for a change of this scale to take place.

I like where this discussion is going. Just to add something on, unlocking all the ships didn't take an insane time commitment prior to progression 2.0. It actually gave players an opportunity to try out a wide variety of many of the different ships. Now that unlocking each individual ship, the higher tier ones in particular, will require pouring in a lot of time I'm afraid we wont have the opportunity to play as many ships.

What I am afraid of happening in this game is something like In World of Warships, where I spent dozens of hours just moving down one cruiser line. I never would have the chance to play the other 90% of ships in the game without spending even more time. I really dont want this to happen in Dreadnought.