I liked the old progression system, despite that it was quite linear, because it actually gave players the opportunity to try out and unlock many different ships without having to spend an insane amount of time grinding. From what I can tell this new progression system means that it will take almost the same amount of time to now unlock just one ship as it did to unlock five prior to progression 2.0.

I suppose I am fine with the new progress system, but please don't make unlocking ships too grindy. Id like to be able to play as many of the ships as possible without turning this game into my life commitment. In World of Warships for example I spent over a hundred hours just moving down one cruiser line, but never would have the chance to ever play the other 90% of the ships in the game. I really dont want this to happen in Dreadnought.

Right now(I dont think) there is a way to get a preview of the ships in the tech tree like we could in the market prior to the update. This is just a minor feature that I think most people wouldn't mind seeing considering there are so many new ships with different cosmetics. Obviously it goes without saying that there are some much bigger concerns about the new update at the moment as well.

Hopefully the devs will try to integrate this small feature into the next patch/hotfix

If fleet maintenance in this game is anything like that of World of Warships, where as you go up in tiers it begins costing so much that you have to spend real money, we have a whole other problem. For now though my main concern is with the wait time for fleet maintenance. When I first heard about it I wasn't too concerned given that the costs were inexpensive. But now that players have to WAIT and during this time can't use certain ships, this one mechanic is bordering that of other freemium games and is setting off lots of red lights for me.

This is a message for the devs as well. If you all want to make this game more appealing to people and continue the trend of a free game with no(or subtle) freemium features, remove this . Otherwise it will give new players some doubts about the game and may even turn some away.

Your thoughts on this?

Edit: obviously there are other new freemium features in the game such as premium to standard currency conversions, and the tech tree system as a whole that may raise more concerns. This is just one example of a particular feature I wanted to point out.

Am I the only one that remembers them making an official announcement about plans for a campaign?

Kiiyor#1809 posted (#post-43754)

Naris#8806 posted (#post-43753)

From picture above. Monarch Class is about 375 mates long from bow to stern and about 160 mates Beam

This size is equal USS Enterprise (CVN-65)

The scale there doesn't seem right though - using the windows and portholes as reference points make the ships seem much larger, especially when compared to the Enterprise above. I think Panzervcv is on to something.

If you look at some of the concept art, the ships seem much lager than 300-400m, especially when you use fighters as a comparison point. In the trailer especially, the fighters are dwarfed and insignificant against the prow of the mighty Monarch.

There's a slight lack of consistency where scale is concerned, I think. I'd be happy with settling it on the larger side of our estimates - the ships certainly feel a heck of a lot larger than our own contemporary warships, and I think they lose some of their grandeur if you think of them being lest than half a kilometer long.

I agree completely. Even though the Monarch is about 375 meters long on the chart, in actuality it is definitely much longer. Look at the picture where I compared the Morningstar to a fighter. It looks like it is approximately 1600 meters. The monarch won't be that much smaller

A mission editor would be a very good and necessary addition to this game. I know there will be some focus on single player in this game with the campaign, which is why I could see a mission editor making sense. This would be very important because it would encourage more strategic battles than what current game modes allow. It would also make combat in the game much more technical and strategic. My idea for an editor would be something like the Eden editor of Arma 3. You can place down ships and spawn points which can be used by either players or the AI. Then you could also have options such as waypoints and triggers that affect where ships go, how the battle plays out, and what the mission goal is. Having a mission editor could also be used for cinematic purposes, such as creating a battle between two fleets of AI or player ships. You could have the freedom of choosing how much ships are involved, what ships are in each fleet, and where the ships move etc.

This is just a very broad idea that hopefully the community will want to add to and that I plan to add to as well. Not only would it be very cool to see this implemented into a game like dreadnought but it would be essential to having more strategic warfare, and I hope you agree.

DN_Dark_Fox_#1657 posted (#post-1144)

The ship sizes change quite a bit between the different classes. These are the five ships from PAX. The Zmey Dreadnought is our biggest Dreadnought currently.

The scaling of the ship models seems to be a little weird. First of all, after looking at parts of the ships and comparing them to their surrounding environments I came to the conclusion that they must be significantly longer than 100 - 447 or so meters. Even though I show the lengths in meters they obviously can't be entirely accurate, but still show how much longer they are.

I first had to find the approximate length of the fighter(which is more of a heavy gunship) by comparing it to a man. I just resized the outline of the man to be the size of the person in the fighter. Once again, obviously this won't guarantee complete accuracy but you can get a good idea of about how long it is in meters.

Now I have the size of the fighter on the chart. Notice how massive it is, it couldn't fit in the dreadnought's hangar. They are of course much smaller in game.

Here is the fighter near a plasma broadside gun, just extra reference for the next picture. You also see how small they are next to a monarch in game.

Now I compare the size of fighters to the Morningstar, the longest ship in game. You now can get a rough idea for about how long it is.

The other thing about ship models I noticed is some cosmetic aspects are out of scale. All visible doors are slightly too big, notably those on the Monarch and Flugora. They seem to be too big for a ship of that size. Additionally the deck on the Flugora and Cattaro are quite large, especially the Flugora's deck and door which is about the same size as the Kreshnik's two story deck(notice the size of the stairs compared to the door). Lastly the Monarch's two big doors on it's bridge make it look small compared to Zmey's bridge with its small decks, despite that the two bridges are about the same size in game. It's almost is as if a sedan was resized to be the size of a monster truck in a game(slight exaggeration, but you get the idea). The doors just make the ship model itself look small even though it is huge compared to it's surrounding environment of the hangar(the cranes, the train, the vehicle, and buildings within it etc.).

I thought I would point this out to you all, and if you see any flaws in my logic be sure to tell me. Even without having seen these pictures you can still eyeball some of the ships and tell they are over 400 or so meters. Sure knowing the size of the ships isn't essential to the game but maybe if the devs take notice it could affect how they design hero ships in the future. This is of course not to be over critical of the ship designs either because I think, aside from these minor features, they look awesome.


failed to see this post, but I still feel that the fighter is way to small(it seems to be only about 15 meters):

Long story short the sizes of the ships relative to each other here look great, but I think that 450 meters is to small for the Zmey. Just to put things in perspective the largest dreadnought is 50 meters smaller than the Halo UNSC frigate .

DN_Dark_Fox_#1657 posted (#post-1233)

Dedadude five seconds after I posted I realized I should've added the fighter. However I made an even bigger mistake that's not the Zemy Dreadnought this is.

Lymceh#8349 posted (#post-43465)

I did actually notice that, and I've also seen hangar-like elements on several other ships too (but not as pronounced. One of the more noticeable ones is the Fulgora, which has a hatch on the back. This is more obvious with the Outis stern attached, as it accentuates it. The Grenada also appears to have a bulky door near the stern, with a short runway). It's gotten to the point there I suspect those are shuttle bays, and probably intended to be the primary method of the crew and supplies to get on/off the ship.

Also, the Silesia forecastle invalidates the Nox as a possible carrier, as it completely covers the hangar.

There are some hangar elements on other ships, most notably by far is the Gora. I think it would be cool if these ships could launch fighters, even if only a small amount, but for now I see them remaining purely cosmetic. I wouldn't imagine fighters launched from these hangars would have much use outside of scouting, unless there is a game mode in the future where they can be put to more use. As it stands fighters can be destroyed quite easily.

Looks like they already have the 3d model for the bridge done

Ship Name: The Ultimatum

Captain Name: Rogerin Adratus

Ship Model: Invictus


- Heavy Flak Cannons

- Fighters, Slug Torpedo, Tractor Beam, Armor Amplifier

- Desperate Measures, Destruction Cascade, Navigation Expert, It's a Trap!

The Ultimatum, nicknamed "Deceiver of Salvation" by those few survivors who have attempted and failed to destroy the ship, originally served to protect mining vessels in the Trojan asteroid belt. Rogerin Adratus, at the time known as Lieutenant Basden, led a group of marine deserters on a small but powerfully cloaked boarding vessel. They overtook The Ultimatum with ease after catching the poorly armed crew by surprise. Next they proceeded to destroy the defenseless mining vessels and the few remaining fighter craft. Adratus salvaged most of the valuable ores along with a recently recovered artifact, both totaling up to be worth a great fortune. Word of this fortune spread very quickly, and subsequently many of the system's most notorious bounty hunters set out after The Ultimatum.

Although bounty hunters were after the ship for the fortune it carried, leading scientists also had interests in it as well. Although navy intelligence offices couldn't confirm, the artifact was believed to be a trans-human warp drive recovered from one of their shipwrecks. This mechanism could be capable of warping ships to much greater distances than technology currently allowed, and it could even revolutionize interstellar travel.

Adratus meant to spend the fortune on constructing a fortified outpost within the outskirts of the Kuiper Belt, but as long as he is continually chased through the solar system he might never get the chance. He has fought off all his attackers purely with his tactical wit and unpredictable ambush strategies.