You get 15 points per however much health healed, so your score directly correlates with your healing done.

Experienced this as well. Unlocked the T2 medium tact yesterday, it was gone today. Credits are still gone.

Disregard, phalluses, etc.

The credit cost for modules has been reduced for all ships and classes.

I'm pretty sure that none of these modules are any cheaper than they were pre-patch. In particular I remember T4 nuke being 23500 credits. What exactly was made cheaper?

As per image.

The reason you can't strafe is because it forces you to think about your heading and movement plans more than two seconds in advance when you start an attack, which is good for tactical gameplay. You should be forced to slowly turn 90 degrees and advance to get into cover if you weren't thinking about your positioning relative to possible enemy approaches and available cover. Realism is mostly irrelevant, this is a third-person shooter, not a space sim.

Maybe being able to strafe very slowly would be okay as a quality of life feature for minor adjustments as opposed to rapid in-combat maneuvering, but the control scheme is sufficiently busy, I think, especially considering that using the energy wheel as opposed to direct binds is pretty suboptimal. Modifier key is only borderline ok for something you expect to hold for long periods of time.

Things about the progression model aside, what are people seeing for average queue times?

I came back after a few weeks and queued with one T4 and one T3 for an hour before giving up on three separate occasions, so I haven't even been able to play since the light dreadnought spread reduction.

I had it unlocked before whatever patch caused this, and it also costs 43500 credits to purchase, which is most certainly an oversight.

This is extra-humorous since it's required to tech to the Otranto.

Wait until you see dreadnought Jackal Torpedoes...

You're playing them wrong if you're trying to snipe with them, because they should be played like light destroyers with missiles instead of short-range torpedoes.