I am getting it too. Have 31775 credits and cant purchase flechette missiles 4 for Nox at 25900 credits.

This is a common issue I have experienced multiple times, across all tiers.


Actually nevermind. I have 53 daysof elite. I give up Unless Dreadnought has some reason for me to stay past that, then I'm gone. I'm at 2261 battles at the time of writing this.

Reason for me to stay:
1. Fix thethe broken stuff. By this I mean fix it. Not play dumb. Not pretend y'all didn't know.
2. Expand the player base. How? See#See#1
3. New ships, maps, classes. Not a UI that no one wanted, not    overpriced   skins, new core features.

Ok..I know I've been hard on the game to the point of my posts being deleted. But the BIG problem is that ya'll keep fixing"things that aren't broken, while ignoring the problems.

•UI-Some like it, some dont. As long as it doesnt affect gameplay I dont care. Man hours spent on this, could have been spent on my next point.
•Game still crashes. Now more than before. This is what hurts yall the most. Would you go out and spend money on skins or progression on game that may or may not work?
•Huge colossal update!! Yet no new ships or maps.
•The glitch where you dont get to pick your ship throughout the entire match, gets old real fast.

What yall have effectively done, is paint the house, then attempt to build it afterwards. I havent been around as long as others (1721 games played) but I really want this game to succeed. Dreadnought is the only multiplayer game I play.

TLDR: "Fixed" things that weren't broken, ignored what was.


I promise you, with the lack of communication and 3 weeks down, it's not trying in any way shape or form to be a console game....only response has been a giant, virtual, middle finger.

I hope that those who actually worked on the game have moved on to more lucrative opportunities. To the people that have made the judgement calls of the past couple months....may you get what you deserve.

This is asinine. All we get:
"We're on steam"
"Watch some twitch player play the game you want to play but cant"
"Check our social media where we dont give you answers"
"-insert canned response about stability and working on it-"

A little communication would have gone a long way. Due to lack of response, it doesn't appear that you're "working on it". It appears that a third of the workforce was laid off, right before trying to launch an unfinished, untested product with a major "update". Now yall botched it and scrambling to cover your a$$. And now you put all yalls eggs in one basket

Just man up and be honest. This BS is very unTexas like.