I believe we are talking about the %LOCALAPPDATA%\DreadGame\Saved\Logs correct? In my directory I only have log files, totaling to about 18.4MB.

If we are just talking about log files (those files ending in .log) I would say you might want to back them up somehow before you remove them. (E-mail them to yourself, place on USB stick etc) I'm not a fan of deleting data, much less logs.

I would generally leave the DreadGame.log file around (in case it gets rotated out, another process may expect it to be there) but if these log files are massive in size, you may want to have a look inside and see whats in them and report to support.

Just for kicks, I moved all the old logs out of that directory (%LOCALAPPDATA%\DreadGame\Saved\Logs) and the game still launched fine, and I was able to login. Checking the directory, a new "DreadGame.log" file was created that was 129KB.


A single properly flown corvette is fairly game changing as they can pick off the healers pretty fast, and take the focus off the rest of the team, and so maneuverable. Stealth isn't so huge (but certainly an advantage), once you get used to them, you can spot them (I haven't seen if there's a more powerful cloak, but as far as I've seen, the area around the ship and the ship itself, light is distorted)

Also, if your playing in a PUG vs a team with voice, you will be in for a challenge. I don't know how to tell that (I wish there was like a coloring or something so I knew and could drop out or something) IMO, I think that the game should match higher level PUGs with lower level pre-made teams. (There would have to be a lot of testing here, is 2 players enough to constitute a team? If it's just 2, do we place them against the players 2 levels higher? why not 3? How does this affect queue times? -- This is a whole different thread.)

IMO, corvettes aren't meant to be frail, if your a fan of star trek, I think more like the Defiant Class of ships. The Defiant was the first dedicated combat vessel, carried ablative armor, and, was also the only federation ship to feature a romulan cloaking device.

That said, I believe that maybe corvettes shouldn't have Damage Block shields.

First, am I missing some setting that shows me my ping to the server? I've been using things like tcpview and ping. If there is a built in method, please advise.

Second I don't know of a way to see playerbase over time. If your basing this purely on how long it takes to find a game, this could be for a number of reasons including but not limited to better matchmaking (or, a different iteration of matchmaking)

If the goal of the suggestion is to improve "netcode", I support this in the same way that I support any optimization.

I don't think that simply saying that lag compensation is a silver bullet, especially being that we don't know that this already doesn't exist. I also don't support adding more servers without evidence that one of the servers was in fact responding slowly. At the core of the issue is just that we (as players) have no idea how the game works, it's possible that adding more servers might resolve the issue, but, without adequate (or, rudimentary as noted below) testing, it's impossible to say.

Assuming that you did want to see if more servers were the issue (and not say, something along the route that may be overloaded, slow to respond, whatever) one method might be something like this:

1) Get a bunch of friends that play the game (forums might work)

2) Start traceroute (You'd have setup some method to 'watch' the command in windows)

3) When the horrible lag occurs, check each data point (each of your friends) to ensure that:

a) Your not all hitting the same slow hop (If you are, and your able to determine that it's within the Dreadnought network, you should report this so that support can look into it)

b) They all see the same thing (lag at the same time)

c) You are all hitting the same server (TCPView might work here)

4) Report to support (Including time, and timezone of issue), maybe also the forums in the event that others may want to help

If you didn't have the amount of co-ordination required (I know I don't) you may at least try the traceroute and TCPView/Ping to use to report to support.

Thanks Snib!

You probably already have this coming, but if you could tell the user place the executable (or, maybe just offer to copy the exe into %programfiles(x86)%\Grey Box\Dreadnought (assuming say DreadnoughtLauncher.exe exists in the target directory?) outside of this forum I mean.

Version information? (I can click and go to properties of the file and see that it's 2.1.0, but if people ask for help, they may not have this knowledge)

Otherwise, does what's on the tin, have had 0 issues, except when I just tried to run it from my downloads folder, lol. +1

OS Info:

Windows 10 Pro x64

No additional software required (for me)

Running AVG (Did not need to disable to run)

BunkerPants#3169 posted (#post-34773)

Thx Root - things seem to be pretty stable so long as I log out fairly often and restart.

Iewww, that's kind of a bad work around. smile

Without knowing the code, it's a bit hard, but have a look at task manager while you play, do you see that memory consumption only goes up, and is never released? This could indicate a memory leak, and (shooting blind here) maybe when the game reaches X consumption of RAM that you see anomalies? If we know what this watermark is (by testing), you maybe at least don't have to restart as often, and you can also report the bug. smile

Either way, happy to have helped, GL sir! smile

Trionix11#9074 posted (#post-34719)

I really hope these initial posts aren't indicative of the community here. I really enjoyed the few games I've played.

In fairness, I think that he really disliked some of my previous suggestions to work around known issues, and that's fine, each person is entitled to their own opinion. Perhaps he was just having a bad day, we've all been there.

The important thing (for me) is that I report the issue with some kind of suggestion to mitigate the issue (Anyone can point out issues), and work with the community to flesh out the suggestion so that it can be added to the game (or not -- in this case some community members made a steam launcher, and that would have never come about if someone didn't ask "why not?". Mission Accomplished (to use a Bushism) )

Reported (for praise smile ) GJ!

It would be nice if the dev's gave us an option (like this) to load the game through steam, and let users know that this is 100% unsupported, and if they have any issue to please contact snib. ;P

As another point of data, borderless fullscreen is about 4% (on average) slower than fullscreen with steam overlay on my rig (Intel I7 4790K, GeForce 780 SC, SSD). In my testing (using the Benchmark function in the game) Borderless was 98.35 FPS, and 102.493 fullscreen with steam.

If you try and launch the game from the batch file (%programfiles(x86)%\Grey Box\Dreadnought\DreadGame\Run_MmogBrain.bat), does that change anything? From my understanding the launcher runs the bat file, and the bat file just passes some arguments to the executable (such as client version and IP address of the server)

If you check the logs in %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\DreadGame\Saved\Logs is there any additional context? Do you see the error logged there as well? Is there any other context to the error, or is this it?

When you say that it seems like it's opening the executable more than once, what is that observation based on? Do you actually see 2 of the same application running in task manager, or, purely based on the error message? How about any messages in the Application Event Viewer logs at the time of the crash?

Also, do you know what you did (or, happened to the game / OS) between the time it worked, and the time it was broken?

I would be inclined to open a ticket with support so they can try and help diagnose the issue, and include anything you think may be of interest to them (like system specs, prolly the output from dxdiag, prolly those logs from %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\DreadGame\Saved\Logs as well )

You may also try some unorthodox things such as: (read: shots in the dark -- My least preferred method of troubleshooting)

- If you have more than 1 monitor, unplug all but the main one to see if it launches correctly.

- If you run the game, you should only see a single instance of the game running (maybe yours is launching 2 sessions?) Try killing the second instance and switching focus to the first.

- Disable any additional sound devices that are not in use (Like HDMI connections)

Here are my system stats just for comparison:

Windows 10 Pro

Intel i7 4790K

16GB Ram

GeForce 780 SC (Driver version: 365.19)

There are also some settings in roaming (%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\DreadGame) which you may want to try cleaning out if your going to attempt re-install again. (I would keep a backup copy so you can see what's different, and report the bug, also, the logs are in there, and support might want that)

Hopefully something there helps you, if not, you can try running dxdiag and posting the data, and I can at least compare to mine to see if there are any differences, or some additional log data.

Cheers, and GL!


Although I don't post video's anymore on YouTube, I think that this is a valid question. I believe that when I did post things there, we used the "fair use" policy which can be found here: but, I don't know if that changes maybe based on the fact that you are collecting money from it. (Also, has been a few years, so legislature may have changed)

IMO (Which is not lawyer/dev/mod/admin) as long as your not saying "OMG this game suuucks" (IE: Negative Advertising) I wouldn't expect the vendor to have issue, but I would 100% recommend waiting on someone with authority to give their perspective.

Cheers and GL!

AlexRou#6994 posted (#post-34600)

Just thought I add some info. Why I think the overlay isn't working when linking the launcher/bat is cause the process of launching a exe through a bat file is different from launching one within a exe and steam was designed to follow the exe's method so it breaks.

I've seen games with launchers that have the overlays in the game so it isn't a issue of steam launching a exe which launches another exe.

If that is the problem then the fix could be as simple as removing the bat file and having the launcher start the exe directly and have any dynamic args be pulled from the server at start or store them in some file where the launcher reads from. Or like remove the need for args and hardcode the values into the exe, but I think they are doing that to save patch size and/or to easily support events with local servers.

Or if I'm totally wrong and it requires actual steam api integration then ... smile

As far as I know, steam only monitors the single process and it's children, otherwise, the batch file would work. One method to work around the issue is to simply change the bat to exe and that should work (have not tested, AMMV). The problem is you would have to do this with every update. (re-run the tool to convert the batch to executable -- assuming that process even works)

If you do try that method (batch to exe) please let us know what software you used to convert, and if it was successful.