I too have no idea how it works internally, nor have I seen anything posted from a credible source (devs) what I do know is that it's somewhat broken. I would suggest posting idea's and suggestions on how to fix this in the Player Voice section.

We can't simply assume that with more population everything will be fixed, and even if that is true just after launch, once the player base evens out (a few months after launch), it's possible the same algorithms are used, and new players will have a bad time.

Be advised, haters gonna hate.

In my particular scenario, this issue was 100% user error, to be fair, the error could have been more use friendly. Will post suggestion on this.

It seems you must load the game from the vendors launcher, and attempting to load the game directly using the binary will fail login. (Like when you add it to steam, to promote the game to your friends)

EDIT: Wrong hypothesis

I've been trying to login on and off for the past hour, I keep getting "unable to connect to server"

Is anyone else having a login issue? Googling and forums doesn't seem like this is widespread.