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We got your post on the Steam discussion forums, but just to reiterate:

Thanks for your feedback! It does sound frustrating to have a string of defeats, I understand what you mean. We are confident the move to Steam will significantly improve some of the matchmaking frustrations in the Beta currently. With a larger pool of players of similar skill the matchmaker will more accurately be able to match them together.

We will be making meaningful balance adjustments in the coming updates prior to launch that will help with the wide score margins as well, as some of the more exploitable ship builds are being returned.

My favourite - "Player pool" excuse. I've heard it sooo much times.

Ignoring the problem and waiting it to fix itself - that is basically all what you did past two years.
There's not a single reason why you couldn't improve matchmaking.

Full t4 team against t3. Ignored.
Several high ranked players in one team against none in other. Ignored.
If your MM can find enough players to fill one match, is it a big deal to equally distribute ship tiers and player ranks? What does "player pool" have to do with that anyway?

And, of course, your precious full stacked premade squads farming solo random players. Ignored.

I suppose you are not even familiar with this problems, because majority of your feedback are coming from premade players, who never play single, enjoying being superior and have endless win streaks.

Of course they will never admit there's a major MM issue, because fixing it will ruin their personal comfort. These hypocrites just tell everyone to GIT GUD, MAKE UR OWN SQUAD, label any feedback TOXIC, blame leavers (ofc this is not because its literally impossible to win against them), and tell developers sweet lies about how great their game is.

I cant even tell how much of my friends left this game because of that. Seeing how your team is basically doomed from the start of every match is not a motivating factor for single players to keep playing and become more skilled.

And again you did nothig. Though it was enough high ranked squads in the game to forbid premades from farming single players teams. Even in the cost of some waiting time for squads, it could greatly improve matchmaking quality for LOTS other players, which in their turn, could have stayed in the game for a longer time, gain experience, and form their own squads.

But your logic was broken then and is broken now. You expect more players to come and improve game quality, when its basically works opposite way - you need to improve quality to get more players. Steam isnt your saviour. Players will come and leave beacuse of your poor matchmaking of single match, which has noting to do with player pool.

As for me, my community and friendlist of former 130+ players - it is too obvious. That's why its only 2 our active players left at this moment.

Keep up the good work. You are great at ignoring problems and making your fanboy community happy.

Expect them and your "engineers" with counterarguments to this post, any negative feedback is a trigger for them to come and make anyone who left it look stupid and unexperienced. Please guys, do not bother answering. Its my honest feedback as a gratitude for all fun times with this game. And probably last message, because i stopped playing a long ago and doubt that things will get any better in future.

Lilith out.

There's nothing wrong with the players who play teamplay-based game as a team. Basically, this is an evolution of online gaming, and is logically rewarded by comfortable gameplay and good results.

It's both good for keeping skilled players in game and motivating weaker ones to get better.

It's also nothing bad if you don't like the way it is. Online games are not meant for EVERYONE. The one fact that DN didn't changed anything in squad machmaking past 2+ years suggests to overthink your relationship with squad gameplay.

What would you expect from a multiplayer teamplay pvp game?
Get your own squad, learn to play against skilled enemies.
If you want it casual - just play singleplayer.

Here it is, a true face of a righteous fighter for solo randoms rights.
Leaving from a balanced match. Nothing unexpected, really.
I wonder, does he have any honor to keep calm or admit a mistake?
Bet he has a dozen excuses even for this case.

Devs should not tolerate such game-breaking behaviour. Punishing leavers with BB cooldown doesnt even close to what they shoud really get for hurting 7 players gameplay.

Here comes legendary Nexeroff again, with great ideas how to adapt the game personally for him

Probably thinks that changing names will make him look like several players from the actual playerbase, that really want to get rid of squads

I'd like to have a great discussion again, but lets just make it clear: Squads is the base of dreadnought community. Most of them dont even think of playing solely, some even have usual prime time to gather up and have fun matches together. Together they are fundamental part of current DN online (300-700 players PC).

Also, thats why valuable and skilled players have private chat with developers in discord. Because they are majority. And you are... well... probably several more nickname changes could make your opinion look little popular, but not much valuable

There will be no bad steam reviews at the launch, beacause all new players will get "Wow-effect" from nice graphics and new interface that devs are working on right now.

Then, all newcomers get "sheltered matchmaking" for some time.

And when some players get their level and MMR to the point where game ruled by squads and trashy matchmaking - Steam will be full with good reviews, and their opinion will not matter at all.

So calm down people, your favorite matchmaking is gonna stay with you, no matter what!

It's already obvious that anything that confronts yours (the only right) opinion - instantly labeled "irrelevant", "off-topic" or "not seeing the point".
Sadly, it's the only argument you have in any discussion.

Nobody promised this game will be for everyone. Some people just aren't target audience.

Looks like someone got upset because he's not an Elite DN player.

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Do you have no idea at all how absolutely disconnected with reality you sound?

Does the fact that critical matchmaking exploit, that everyone knows about, which makes game very unpleasant for majority of players and makes them leave matches and the game - isnt being fixed for two years connects well with your reality?

Im not really emotional or anything. Im just talking about what I see - because actions worth more then words. And the actions are:

  1. broken matchmaking for two years

  2. everyone knows

  3. no fix

  4. UI, vanity items, small bugfixes in every update

  5. fake promises

Now try to figure out what that means. Except "this works as intended" or "devs dont consider this bug important and dont care about solo players" - that's too obvious.

By the way, you should try applying all your suggstions about my arguments to yourself. I mean, you're trying too hard to prove me wrong. Maybe you are emotionally defending what you like most?