I just got back on Dreadnought for the first time in a few weeks and I saw the beautiful new Limerick Coating Collection, so I wanted to purchase it (it's even on sale for 350G, what a bargain!). But I thought it was odd that there is no thumbnail, instead just text saying "This item needs a product image!" When I attempt to purchase it, it says "Purchase failed." Thank you for reading!

Thank you, Space Ghost. Will do!

Title says it all. It happens FAR too often. Without any way of kicking these awful players, there are no downsides. In almost every game, there is someone who LITERALLY does not move ALL GAME. It is especially bad in TDM because it forces everyone to just have standoffs without moving from spawn all game. Extremely boring. The reason I am posting this is because I just played a game in which there were THREE people on my team who had 0/0/0 K/D ratios and each time I spectated them while my ship was destroyed, they DID NOT MOVE. I enjoy playing this game. But that's the key word: PLAYING it. When people don't play and eat up almost HALF the team's slots, it restricts EVERYONE's ability to have a good time. Please crack down on these nuisance players/bots that just join games, sit there, and rack up points. Or give us a way to kick them out.

EDIT: I should note I don't play game modes with AI, these were actual players that sat in the back and just occasionally tapped a button to stay ingame.