Even then, Battle Readiness does not benefit casual players only. Everyone can benefit from BR.

So simply by having BR not gonna improve playing experience for casual players anyhow at all. Nor its excuse exist of ingame mechanics that currently pretty much do nothing at all (meaning daily contracts).

On destroyer flak range ( iirc ) 800 meters. Unfortunately for vettes their most effective range is 1,200m, and especially light vettes can stay within their most effective range and yet not pass to flak range. You do need fly towards them with PtE to actually get them in flak range.

Spork#2479 posted (#post-128931)

Medusa main here. I've died to mines before, just straight up 1-shotted because heavy cloak doubles damage taken. For a few seconds I think it's BS, then I remember I didn't even look to see if there were mines around. So I pay more attention, adjust, and not die to mines because I look for them.

As someone said earlier, this is just as ridiculous as the Corvette OP threads. And I'll say the same thing I say in those threads: play better.

Wait what? that can't be right. Mines not triggered when you are cloaked. Even with light cloak you can fly all through minefield (though they will detonate as soon as you uncloak in their proximity).

You probably was just hit by two or more mines and was uncloaked just before that with disruptor pulse.

Bit too raged post, but i feel for ya. yeah, mine first t3 also was total pain in the a s s. And that taking that i already had large experience with DN in past.

After most officer briefing are unlocked, new t3 doesn't feel too bad. But without those... yeah...

Tesla guns are fine actually. Light flak though is c r a p, yeah.

You know that its actually very easy to spot proximity mines?

Also, mines can be destroyed even with dusruptor pulse's damage.

First battle reward is helpful, sure, and it surely benefit casual players. But then even casual players not gonna play just ONE match per day.

As of maintenance goes away, so does reward from matches will be reduced.

You can expect roughly the same reward with battle readiness bonus, comparing to current reward without paying maintenance (as a winning team). But without BR it will be significantly lower.

I'v talked earlier how insignificant dailies (contracts) are right now. They gives you about 5% extra reward overall. And i am not exaggerating about it. Veteran player can achieve dailies objectives faster, but veteran players also earn more per match. And for recruit its even worse...

Once again, the whole point of dailies existing, and especially in arena games like DN, is to give significant reward to casual players. Those who normally can spend about one hour, maximum two hours of playing per day. Meaning those few matches they play should provide about twice as much reward compare to matches that will be played after dailies are completed. And of course it should be possible to complete those dailies fast. In 3, maximum 6 matches.

Dailies like "play specific type of game 2-3 times" are fine. Dailies like "Destroy 30 ships with any artillery cruiser module" or "Destroy 50 dreadnoughts" are not good. Even for very experienced players it will take more than 10 matches to complete dailies like that. And with that it loses whole usefulness, as for casual players it quite possibly will take a week of play to complete single daily like this (and getting laughable reward for that).

As for Battle Readiness Bonus stack, that's just another way of providing "daily reward". Just make it so after daily reset (0:00 GMT) all battle bonuses can be stacked up to 3 times. After stacks are depleted, they will not be stacked anymore until next daily reset.

Of course keep in mind that providing extra daily bonus from battle readiness bonus stacks, does not mean you can ignore currently existing daily contracts problems. Those are still will be useless if will be left unattended.

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Also, always fire stasis missile at the vette no matter where he is.

Well, in his case, he can't really launch missile at claoked vette, even if he spotted him earlier. Can launch when vette decloaked, but that's usually when arti would be dead already.

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Was that not some kind of blatant confirmation that vette are OP ? That u should use specific anti-vette module just to stop them while in the same time make your ship more prone to anything instead ?

You suppose to use counters against ANY ship. And no, it is absolutely not possible to have counters against everything. But usually at very least you can have counters against what you tend to consider biggest threat to you.