I know its not exactly the most important thing at the moment but when will we get the may community event decal? You know, the one with a screaming skull, the 3 stage event where we had to buy so many modules and then get this many kills to get different variations of that decal.

I'm positive we did this as a community and completed stage 3, but it does'nt appear in the hangar for me or anyone else at the moment.

Can we get some more information on when the PS4 servers will be back up? Please don't say "soon" or "were working on it " a genuine timeframe would be very much welcome.

Don't care if it's 2 weeks from now, a month or longer. We just want some sign that we still exist here on PS4...
and if you dare say "check our social media for news on updates" i will reach through the Internet and slap you, you're social media only cares about PC.

Don't why i'm bothering to do this after you devs told me to basically shut up after posting about all the bugs. glitches, issues we'd compiled as a community on PS4...

but yeah i can't understand the reasoning behind increasing the Akula Vector Arty's range either. Its already by far the best Artillery Cruiser as mentioned before because of its hitbox, speed, armour and firerate/damage output. So does it really need the extra range?

So Tip the scales is being redone so it does'nt boost health regen and slow energy regen anymore, but instead boost rate of fire and reload time... we already have an OB that does that its called Survival instinct. Hit and run loadouts benefit a great deal from it, don't see why its been re-worked but ok.

Destruction cascade to 20 seconds? Thats a bit much don't you think, especially since you buffed the Akula arty cruisers range.

Few more things but i won't bother because you won't listen, new effects, audio, UI, and weapon/module descriptions look great, retrofits even better (looking foward to that).

Oh and halfway through October is not the same as "end of September - early October"

I know the players you're referring to and i agree it is a cheap OP tactic at the moment as all Scrambler weapons prevent the energy wheel from being switched so they literally can stun lock you from the energy wheel. The last time this happened to me i was in a squad of three and we only lost by 15 points in TDM, so yes while they are good players they aren't that good to not spam broken modules again and again. As for what class/ship it doesn't matter fix your (strong expletive here) game, i've posted about this very problem of Scrambler being broken several times over the past year.

Stopped needing feedback for it's beta? This game needs more help than ever especially as the Steam release is getting close.

I can name at least 20 things wrong this game at the moment some small and some just unacceptable, you ever wonder why so many people leave this game and so few offer decent feedback other than angry words?

Welcome to Dreadnought, unfortunately this game is full of bugs, glitches, errors and bad programming at least on PS4 anyway i don' speak for PC players. There are a few balancing issues on this game at the moment, well there always have been problems and a lot of the frequent forum users refuse to acknowledge them or outright deny them.

In my defence i posted the previous message before the Twitter announcement, and i wasn't asking you to miraculously fix everything in one go, i was trying to get across that any one of those things i listed was better than the 3 in your previous post.

I complain/rage/moan because i care, i don't bother coming on here just to be a **** and pick apart your hard work. I genuinely want to see Dreadnought get better and all of my comments have at least some helpful information in them whether about bugs or what players should do regarding certain situations, etc...

So this maintenance doesn't cover the important things like bluescreens, spawning under the map, the literal 5 minutes it takes to use any of the menus, having less than 5 seconds to choose a ship before battle, being connected to battles in progress with the score 90 to 10, modules not working or hitting their target, unfair matchmaking balance, being disconnected in the middle of a match, the 5 minute load times just waiting for the map to load and this doesn't include queue times, instead you've decided this is more important.

Dreadnought in a nutshell everybody...

Please tell me you have something for PS4, you just finished PC maintenance so i know something can be done about the mess that is Dreadnought at the moment...

Myself and quite a few other players would like to be able to equip the ship cosmetics from the Havoc AI ships as they look awesome, will this be done in the far future or is it being planned for the big Steam launch?