Somehow you've made the Energy Wheel even worse than it was which is quite a feat to be honest, none of us care about shiny new outfits, decals or ships we just want controls that work properly thats all we ask. Will there be any changes to Energy wheel in the future?

We are still experiencing error CE-34 blue screen crashes in the middle of matches and it's getting ridiculous now. The bots you've added to the game are a joke half the time they go on a suicidal charge at the enemy and when they're not doing that they wander off alone or into walls making it easy for teams to farm them and its ruining the game.

Desperate measures has a cooldown im not sure how long but it will work more than once in a single life.

Or how about you play a different game Shazbot1 so players like me don't have to carry people like you through matches only to then have to listen to you moan about how unfair everything is and that anything that kills you should be nerfed just because you don't like it. The rest of us manage just fine with stasis ammo so why can't you?

It's nice to know that the endless loading screen glitch is still here, aswell as the sound cut out glitch. Hopefully it will get fixed in the next patch and i understand the problems the developers had to deal with at the time but it is getting a little bit old now.

Stasis ammo is more annoying than anyrhing i've never really had a problem with it, and i agree you should be able to destroy tesla pods like healing pods.