Funny thing is that GIF is literally what the entire EU PS4 community does every time the devs announce an update or scheduled maintenance so jokes on you really...

While i don't agree with Astraea's way of posting his frustration it's still what a majority of players feel right now, and you posting stuff like that Anyone only fans the flames.

You're checking the integrity of the server merge by keeping the EU and NA players separated? That makes absolutely no sense to me and just seems like backwards logic... Going to be a lot of ticked off EU players now, sorry if we seem a bit aggressive when we merge NA.

Honestly it sounds like a personal problem not being able to hit an Arty Cruiser at 4k away, there maximum range is 7km and most ship weapons can easily hit 4k no problem. Have you tried using a different loadout or ship class?

I don't agree with this at all, it's overly complicated for no reason when all that needs to be done is limit the energy gained so it only works every 3 seconds or so instead of constantly giving you energy.

What about TAC cruiser captains with purely offensive loadouts? How is it fair on them to receive less healing...

Any news on the PS4 server merge a lot of people are excited and a lot of people are worried at the moment...

I'm going to have to agree with Brother Belial here, if what you're doing isn't working try something else one tactic won't work in every situation.

Majority of Arty Cruisers use anti missile counter measures so try using nukes or tarturus and then warping on top of them if palying a Dread, if you're a Destroyer try disruptor or weapon breaker missile then use evasive maneuver or thrust amplifier to close the distance so you can ram them, use your flak turrets or circle around them so they can't use their main gun on you.

Corvettes can use disruptor pulse and drain torpedoes, assault blink warp and heavy torpedo or salvo, offensive Tac cruisers can use Arty pods to put pressure on the sniper.

The point is there is a counter to everything you just have to find it don't expect one loadout to be effective against everyone all the time, see what other players are doing to counter the problem you can learn a lot about this game from watching other players and how they use their loadouts.

I wouldn't call it "game breaking" but yeah Scrambler is very annoying, i also never understood why it affects your energy wheel so you can't switch between thrusters, shields, weapons etc. It doesn't affect modules so why should it affect energy thats what drain is for.

Yeah a few of PC players think they know it all and like to jump in on the PS4 forums and get all uppity when you tell them they're wrong because your talking about the PS4 version of the game which is usually several updates behind PC and doesn't have all the features they do, this isn't the case here just saying it happens.

I've always wondered why the TAC Cruiser doesn't have some form of Scrubber module that can be used on allies, a scrubber beam or pulse would be overpowered as you could almost instantly negate a tartarus misssiles effects for your whole team. A scrubber missile would be good though, affects a single target, reasonable cooldown, wouldn't be overpowered and the TAC cruiser already has energy and weapon booster at it's disposal so it would hardly be out of place or game changing.

I wholeheartedly agree with making this a regular thing, not every week maybe every other.
I've seen a big surge of new players and old salty veterans returning to play because of this.

Trying to use a phone on this website is impossible aswell if you couldn't tell

This just happened to me over on the EU server, Error CE-34 (bluescreen). I hadnt even played a single match either. i just logged in to the server went to the hanger to change a module and then bluescreen.
Yesterday i had severe audio issues, most of it the in game audio cut out apart from ships exploding and engine/thruster sound effects.