This just happened to me over on the EU server, Error CE-34 (bluescreen). I hadnt even played a single match either. i just logged in to the server went to the hanger to change a module and then bluescreen.
Yesterday i had severe audio issues, most of it the in game audio cut out apart from ships exploding and engine/thruster sound effects.

The EU and NA servers haven't been merged on PS4 yet, the merge is going to happen on the 29th of May...
So less than a week till that happens, then you have the PC and PS4 merge in july so it's a big year for Dreadnought provided the devs can pull it off smoothly.

The Onslaught Command ship isn't really worth protecting to be honest, 100k health, peashooter's for guns that literally sound like someone tapping on a tin can and nothing else.

It needs something to make it worthwhile to protect like a weapon or armour boost pulse or maybe even a healing pod pulse.
Machine gun turrets and flechette missiles so it can actually defend itself and its allies, maybe double it's health.

A lot of players are very unhappy with the new patch and several veteran players have expressed their concern to me and are considering leaving Dreadnought for good and this worries me a lot.

The new patch has some major problems like bad menu interface, people getting stuck buying modules, glitched infinite loading screens, getting kicked from matches, game crashes and not gainig any credits or exp despite finishing a match.

I do like the direction the update has gone though such as the new hangar look and secondary loadouts new warning and alert system for buffs,debuffs, missiles and nukes, the new scoreboard looks good and the tech tree even though it's more expensive to buy a ship now (you thought we would'nt notice).

Please get the server merge on May 29th right as the EU community has very little faith left in you at the moment and this will probably be your last chance to keep a lot of players interested and to stop them from leaving for good and to restore their faith in you.

This is'nt here to say you're doing a bad job, you've made a great game despite it flaws and have a lot of dedicated fans and communities that love the game we still would'nt be here almost a year later if we did'nt, but this is the breaking point now.

Please respond to this so we know that we are being heard and our concerns noticed...

  1. Jackal Torpedos don't register like other torpedos or missiles as they lack the red warning sign/reticule to warn you about them.

  2. Drain torpedos, Weapon Breaker Torpedos, Disruptor missiles and Scrambler missiles sometimes won't hit their target and will instead hover next to them, loop the loop around them or perform advanced acrobatics next to them.

  3. Armor booster and weapon booster pulses will prevent ships from regenerating health while it is active and activating them will stop ongoing health regeneration this also affects allies in the pulses range.

  4. Autoguns will randomly fire at thin air for no reason and very rarely will continue to do so when engaging an enemy.

  5. Damage pulse for corvettes is not working correctly as it will hit yet deal no damage.

  6. Anti-Nuke lasers for Artillery and Destroyers will still miss incoming nukes or focus on other types of missiles.

  7. Being scrambled prevents you from using the energy wheel but not your modules.

  8. Disruption times are not accurate as they will last longer than the description.

  9. Tarturus missiles are by far the worst as they have varying blast radiuses, will actually stack multiple times if several hit you and they are immune to the Officer Briefing Desperate measures as it will activate yet you will still be disrupted.

  10. Survival instinct does'nt seem to work with Destroyer Flak turrets.
    These aren't just bugs that affect me they affect every player on PS4 or at least the EU server, hope this helps if anyone else has a module or Officer briefing bug please post them here so the devs can see thanks.

Yes especially on the European server, it can take almost 30 minutes just for 1 Veteran TDM.

Well we've we said our pieces not much more any of us can do, it's up to the Developers what they do with this info/feedback. As for paragraphs trying to use this forum on the PS4 is a nightmare. I never said certain modules weren't instant death i was referring to the time you have to avoid it once said module is activated. My only real concern is that i've seen a lot of people rage quit and never comeback because they finally get a Tier 3 ship go into a Veteran match and just get picked on by people using Assault blink warp im not saying it happens with just Assault blink warp but i've seen an increase in players using it against the lower Tiers who have very little chance of countering it. I apologize if any of my previous messages were aggressive that wasn't my intention.

Flak cannon range for Destroyers 800m, Light Flak turrets for Artillery cruisers 700m and Heavy Flak cannons for Dreadnoughts 1200m and Assault blink warp is currently at 1600m so if you're going to mouth off LYB get your facts right or post in the correct forum as this is for PS4 not PC. Purge beam for TAC cruisers doesn't do any damage itself and you have to constantly hit the target for it to work not to mention the detrimental effects it causes when you use it, it's still a good module but in this situation incredibly dangerous as Ragnorokx pointed out. Another thing if im out of touch i have no idea what you are considering T2, T3 and T4 have all played in Veteran since the Beta all the way through to now so im gonna take everything you say with a pinch of salt. Well you were right about one thing Assault blink warp isn't the only module to oneshot ships for example Plasma Ram, Nuke Salvo, Bomb catapult etc but none of them are instantaneous death apart from Plasma Ram but most people tend to see the angry orange glow of impending death from a charging Destroyer, so 1 out of 3 things right ain't bad LYB. I also had to write this out several times because the PS4 keyboard disappears mid sentence and won't return or doesn't appear at all no matter how many times you click.

I've been here since the start of the Beta so i know my stuff, im a pretty decent player i can use every type of ship effectively most EU players can back me up on that but Assault blink warp needs to be toned down at Tier 4 it does 15,000 damage through shields which is enough to destroy several Tier 4 ships instantly not to mention the poor tier 2 and 3 players who decide to play Veteran and this is without the Module Amplifier briefing. Any corvette pilot with half a brain won't charge you head from across the map and moving up and down/strafing doesn't work in the middle of combat when you're pinned down, the only thing i can think of to fix this would be lower the tier 4 damage to 10,000 and tier 5 to 15,000 at least that way there would be a fair chance to counter/ survive it.

Am i the only one who thinks Assault blink warp is a little overpowered? There is literally no counter to it and to add insult to injury it also acts as an escape for the corvette pilot who uses it, im not saying it should be removed from the game just that it shouldn't do as much damage as it does. I hope its not just me who feels this way...