I don't even care if the numbers don't add up and who's OP or not, fact of the matter is that a single Corvette can efectively ruin the fun for all other players, including the rest of their own team.

Considering this is a game that's supposed to deliver some sort of enjoyment it, that's really anti-fun.

Half my games I just randomly die and when I see, oh it was a carvette I just shrug it off cause there is nothing I could have done anyways, even with F2 shields and secondary fire in a best case scenario I can get the vet down to half healkth before I die and it blinks away....

Danke für das invite Leute, hab bis jetzt nen heiden Spaß smile

TauArr#9635 posted (#post-125503)

Game has a Teen rating, so US law for 13 years and older. =D

Oddly enough, kids under 13 tend to use much dirtier words, lol.

So much truth xD

I haven't had that buig at all....

Ich denk auch das die T2-4 Spanne etwas überzogen ist, am ende spielt dann ja doch keiner mit T2 in Veteran und es ist imgrunde nur ein weiterer Stolperschritt für Anfänger, mit nem T3 dann in Veteran find ich alerdings ok, klar manchmal platzt man einfach aber so ist das Leben, bzw war smile

Yeah I had my first few T3 matches yesterday and got destroyed on my destroyer smile but it was real fun nonetheless, queue times seemed fine to me.

Hey Leute, ich melde mich gleich bei euch im TS.

Hi I'm SHiah and I'm kinda new to the game, playing on PC and had quite some fun my first few days, I enjoy playing Destroyers anbd Dreads.

Is the Veteran bracket more populated than recruit?

I'm having a blast but I'm very hesitant xD