So my voro is retaliator broadside armour amp, and you know what shuts me down completely? A single purge aion on the other team. One ship and I'm hard countered. Even a single t2 vette can swoop near and disrupt whilst I'm being focused and I lose all ability to tank.

Destroyers have disrupt missile so they don't even have to get nearby, from 14km they can shut me down and prevent me armour amping whilst the team focuses me.

But no, most players just all shoot at the dread, shields are up and get my good side is providing energy whilst a tac is healing me from behind and I'm in my element. All your doing though is fueling my damage and aa.

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Except grads don't get 15k more HP. That changes everything. At that point, its grind, not skill, and thus, shouldn't exist.

So direct your ire at the devs, not at the players just working within the system, instead by throwing money at them you've implictly given your support exactly for this sytem

Why so much hate on the fulgora? Its my favorite vette, but like Anyone says the Medusa's guns are a pain.

Now the Kreshnik? that is a complete piece of worthless trash no good for anything whatsoever that must be endured for the great mctankface

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So running with one ship reduces your overall earnings, the other ships never take xp from your main ship but cause you to gain more xp overall.

Please explain why I see 10k exp earned but only 7k go to my main ship then

Because if you had only been running that one ship you would only have received 7k xp.

This has been confirmed by a DN_ on discord btw

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The total exp you get per game won't change no matter how many ships you have on fleet.

Having only 1 ship on fleet will funnel all the exp to that ship, while having more means the exp is divided

That's completely incorrect.

When you finish a match every ship in your fleet gets the "match completed" bonus, this is the xp you see being gained by all the ships you haven't flown.

Then for any action you've done that earns xp, kills, events/ribbons etc, that xp goes to the ship you earned it on.

So running with one ship reduces your overall earnings, the other ships never take xp from your main ship but cause you to gain more xp overall.

Heal rates

Google docs link

All numbers based on PC datamine

Updated OP for 1.8.1 changes

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Great thanks, but this way is more handy smile

Meh, each to their own, but I'd rather have a static image for reference rather than a video, and since that doesn't tell me what the briefings do or which ships I need to get to get them I don't see how it helps?

My main motivation for creating this was a quick reference to plan which ships I need to look at getting for which officer briefings with a reminder of what the briefings actually do.

Akula Vektor

Jupiter Arms

House Oberon

Thanks to everyone on Discord who helped me iron out the mistakes.

All information obtained from the fantastic Datamine