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Ugh. Not too excited, was really looking forward to getting some use out of the last bit of my Elite time today, but now I'm losing a big chunk of it, and perhaps even larger, since these things are never done on time.

Unless this is finally the update that eliminates maintenance, I cannot think of a single more important feature that needed to be added this close on the heels of the last patch. If this does anything short of eliminating maintenance for Veteran fleets- it's both too soon for a new patch, and a distraction from fixing the major problem with DN, which is Veteran maintenance. Storyline is pretty worthless if no one is bothering to play the game because they hit Veteran and their progression died off, and their interest in continuing with it.

Of course if this is finally that patch, the one we've all been waiting for, the one that eliminates the horrible system that is maintenance, the system that someone literally should have been fired over, then I'll eat my words, and I couldn't care less about my wasted Elite time, because I'd be so happy and grateful that the devs finally caught on and realized just how serious an issue they were downplaying this whole time.

Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment.


After supporting the FS Communit its time for Dreadnought he? smile

Good to see you m8

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WolfIndustries, I second all of what you said, albeit I had to endure a fair bit of crashes and other game-breaking bugs as well. I laughed at #5 since this happened so many times to me, and not only by player's fault as well. Wall spawn is a known issue, not to mention that there is also a problem of an entire enemy team choosing the spawn point as their holdout area, resulting in all jets warping right into a bunch of tesla coils, which is why IMO warp points need to be dynamic and spawn ships away from enemies OR walls smile

But I am actually writing to you about issue #4 as it is even worse than what you think. Not only do some games start with minus 1 (sometimes this minus one turning into a player leaving for good and no one joining to replace them), but if you spawn in a jet and your team wins they DON'T even allow you to pick which ship you want to fly in the second round. They simply assign you the ship from your first slot, which is kind of crappy if you ask me. I understand this balance-wise, but it is simply not fun for the player who already got a crappy start by a jet-spawn, and yet you make him suffer even more now XD

Personally I would at least allow them to use their first ship in the game right-away (if the person whom they are replacing, if they even are replacing anyone, hasn't died from enemy before disconnecting), or allow them to pick a ship for the second round if they win.

And then there is an even worse problem for players who join a losing match as a jet or way past the turning point of the match. These unlucky souls pretty much have to endure watching their team crumbling to pieces with no chance of ever making it into the top 3 to avoid paying maintenance for being thrown into a losing team mid-game. I've seen people who were joined the SECOND match of Team Elimination as a jet, right before their team lost second game in a row. So you pretty much get joined in a match, fly around as a jet for several minutes, lose, pay maintenance... PROFIT! Maintenance in this game should really be fixed and made so it doesn't punish players for things outside of their control >_>

The whole maintainces systems brings no benefit to players. I dont get the idea behind it.

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Fix the false maintenance, seriously. The game is already very grindy by its design, but when you are charged maintenance for a battle you failed to join or charged maintenance despite being second on the losing team it becomes simply absurd. It is almost as if the game itself is mocking me. I mean, right now what prompted me to come here is desire to report yet another bug - being charged maintenance for losing and being in top three. And no, all players were still shown on the leaderboard (full team), so it is not due to a disconnect of players who were above me - it is simply a new and extremely frustrating bug >_>

Edit: I agree with SgtLeon - charging maintenance from players with the game's currently broken state is simply wrong. Several ships are barely playable right now, and the bogus maintenance is really hindering ability of newcomers to advance further. I am saying this as a person who is gathering money for a new T3 ship >_>

Agree, maintenance payment should be off until failed joining problem will be fixed.

Fully Agree. Lost dozens of Credits for being unable to join.