Robbaz Korgi



Hey, I'm new to both this game and forums. Tried adding people in game but the end game lobby goes by too fast for me to figure things out. So the forums may be what I'm looking for.

Time Zone: Hawaiian UTC

Discord: Robbaz Korgi (I'm new to this as well, made one early this month)

Platform: PC

Not sure what other contact info I should add. I guess if your new to this game as well feel free to add each other if you can figure it out. If your a Veteran, feel free to teach us and give a few Tips. All are welcome, even other languages since I read somewhere this game has a German Chat Translator.

My preferred role is Support since I'm a Mercy Main. Though it's kinda funny how the starting Tactical Cruiser, "Cerberus" looks like Genji. With the Silver and Grey paint job and Bright Green Lights. Keep having "I Need Healing" flashbacks when I play it.

I was also wondering this very same question. Just started playing this game a few days ago and I'm enjoying it. Thinking about getting Elite status. Anyway, when you buy a coating is it available to all ships? Or is it locked to the same type of ship you purchased it on such as Tactical Cruisers, Destroyers, etc. Or locked to a certain Tier of a ship like Tier II or Tier IV that you bought it on? Just want to know if I'm going to need to shell out more coins on coatings for all my ships to match. If that's the case then I'll stray away from cosmetics and stick with elite status.