I think the devs know about your carrier obsession and sent only you this email to screw with you 😉

The minimap sucks. It needs to show the entire arena at all times, it can keep the same spotting rules.

That you can only see in a 5km circle around you in a SPACESHIP is a joke.

You're seeing an irrelevant player level which doesn't affect anything, it's a holdover from an older system when it used to matter (pre-Nov 2016).

iareConfusE#4351 posted (#post-146300)

Wow so it's just a vestigial component of the game that once was... Time for a cleanup?

It's that painful to see a number slowly rise?

Corvettes with the Invader coating are OP

Which is going to lead to more steamrolling.

Really, they should be creating an entirely premade team mode instead (yes, it's coming sometime, supposedly).

Lando Calrissian#2323 posted (#post-145947)

One of my LEAST favorite things to do in-game is to shoot down's a distracting annoyance. I'll throw a fit if I have to shoot down more tiny AI bees.


we already have carriers. tier 4+ dreadnoughts.

DN_Svenice#5360 posted (#post-145550)

Once we have the AI based slot filling migrated to PS4, this situation won't happen. We'll be able to dial the queue time to a more appropriate setting (we think 2 mins is a good max as a rule of thumb). We agree playing is more fun than waiting.

I hope you are working on AI replacing players that quit a match as well. It's not much fun to queue and then return to the garage without ever finishing loading the match, or entering a match at the very end for a loss.

invisible_insect#9638 posted (#post-143116)

They really need to seperate ps4 and pc forums... keyboards pft!

lots of ps4 games have keyboard support, as should this one. ridiculous to remove a communications feature from pc to ps4, when the game needs any comms it can get.

bluetooth keyboards are $10 on amazon