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Hero ships also give you a turnkey way to do vet matches from the start and get convertible XP just having them in your fleet every match (as they are treated as fully researched ships from day one).

You can have fully unlocked tier 1 and tier 2 ships on day one. Really, to be useful in any way, they should have a better credit and/or xp earning bonus. They're completely useless right now, with random suboptimal load outs.

Purge beam, tartarus missile, or purge torpedo. You're welcome.

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Ha! A refund? I won't hold my breath. Just got put into the @rse end of a match where the team were losing 85-5.... and paid maintenance again without firing a shot!

if you're posting on the forums, you could bother reading the notices

maintenance already gone on pc, will be replaced on ps4 soonTM as well

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-Tighten up maneuvering. Not speed, just maneuvering. Overall, movement feels way to clunky and slow regardless of ship type or line, especially considering how quick engagements can occur. Also, reverse thrust turning is not inverted which is incredibly counter intuitive. If I am reverse thrusting and holding left I expect to swing to the right, not left.

-The UI needs quality-of-life adjustments. Ally and enemy team windows, clearer UI indication of targets that are in range of my selected weapon and ships that are the ongoing target of a secondary weapon, partial translucency of my ship model when targeting enemies/allies obscured by my ship model, and the ability to zoom in and out would all be very nice to see.

yes, please

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Any and all tips and tricks can be had, just by reading the forums in various areas. There are youtube videos out there as well, to help with ship loadouts. If you're still at a loss and have access to a pc, hop on discord and ask there as well.

You can discord on phones as well, not just pc.

you're missing the dev team being too lazy to change the screen for 5v5 on the ps4 from the 8v8 scoring on the pc. it's been mentioned, many times. they probably never noticed they didn't change the scoring on training, either.

tl; dr scoring is correct, screen isn't

Sounds like the OP hasnt gotten very far into the tech tree. There are varieties of modules you can choose from.


1) Get rid of your tiered unlock system. It's bad... the days of grinding to play the same ship with subtle differences is long gone.

The devs switched from a nontiered model to a teired model 10 months ago, now it's open beta. You tell me there's a chance they'll change it again (hint:unlikely).

1a) Merge all the current ships into a single model. And make the choices of the modules you pick vary your model into the different ships instead. This makes the ship more identifiable (Is that the T1 dread? Or the T2? They look the same) and also gives you more meaningful ways to identify a ship.


2) Ensure that each ship has a unique style of gameplay. Give oberon ships lasers that don't have travel time, but do less damage. Give Jupiter Arms ships standard missiles instead of guns, which seek, do more damage, but are slow to hit and can be intercepted... This won't inbalance you game, because your game is not factional...

I kinda like this

2a) Ensure that every new ship that you create is unique as well. Make a carrier ship that launches fighters instead of missiles... Make a healer ship that projects damage reducing shields to it's allies instead of heal beams...

Higher tier dreads can have fighters, bombers or interceptors. As well as an armorboosting pulse. There's also an armor stripper missile.

3) Make sure that these combinations of ships do not prevent people from playing your game... having a match with 4 healers and 5 tanks just... nobody is playing, they're all just standing there shooting... the choices you make should have consequences... and encourage people to play smartly, and tactically.

3a) Add weak-point armor modifiers. So that if you flank a ship, you do extra damage (soft spot where the engines are). The goal is to force players to cat and mouse, hunt, and cover themselves. Reward engaging and proper game play, and not just... blobbing with healers (which stagnates the game).

Sure, more damage from behind would be good

4) Make pods destructible.

They are

5) Make corvette players (people who died on one life maps) spawn at a set location, NOT on top of the enemy... it's absurd if said enemy uses a tesla module.

What? The system tries to spawn you away from the enemy, doesn't always work. Never spawned on top of an enemy though

TLDR: get to higher tiers and try out all of the crowd control options?

"this is 2017 not 90s." huh? the tier system is modeled after a 2011 game, bro. World of Tanks, look it up.

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As a new player i find my self being forced to play 'veteran mm' everytime i play the recruit it switches it back?

I want to play the T1 ships or T2 but for some reason you can only play 1 t2 ship when qoing into recruit but people in other T2's from veteran mm get into your match. but when i try veteran its vs t4's....and recruit t1 is vs all t2.. dumb

always keep one T1 in your recruit fleet. then you will never end up in a vet match.

imho you shouldnt play vet matches until you have T3, and they should remove the ability to put T2 ships in vet. T2 vs T4 is dumb.

as for why they made the shift, someone who's been here longer then i can tell you, i wasnt here pre-tier. here's some threads:

dev rationale:

when it happened: