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99.9% of the playerbase hates it


99.9?Dont tell..Have you asked players in between matches in game?

All the veteran players hate it, and all the new players that visit the forums hate it. But I'm sure, magically, there's this whole world of happy players that don't bother speaking up. Totally no issues with a complete lack of positive feedback, nope nope. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, and all the problems will just quiiietly go away and the money will start rolling in. I'm sure.

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The best, and only real, hope for this entire thing to get scrapped and reverted or replaced with something else completely different is if the testers stand united against the devs and hammer into them just how absurdly horrible an idea progression 2.0 is.

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Yeah, as much as I used to love this game, I'm slowly losing all hope that this will ever get fixed. Pretty bitter that something I loved got torn away from me, but I guess I'll have the memories, and I'm sure someone will do it right eventually.

Heh yeah... I've been through this garbage with more then a few games but this one really ticks (not the word I originally typed, stupid filter) me off... DN had such awesome potential... sad.

Personally I don't think I can hope someone will do it right any more, been a PC gamer for um.. 27 years (man I feel old now), and an MMO player for 17, but for at least like the last decade the entire industry just seems to get worse every year.

Well, Fractured Space is doing the monotization/progression thing right, I just liked Dreadnought's ships better. If this game burns to the ground, it'll be disappointing, but I do still have Fractured Space, and someone recommended Cloud Pirates as a similar game too, so maybe they're handling it better. Can't really squeeze the customers when they have options.

Why else have thirty "new" ever so slightly different versions of the same ships besides making you pay thirty times more for what you already had?

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I honestly don't know what he's beta testing by steamrolling new players in the T1/T2 arena but there's no rules against it.

In order to test the higher tier modules you have to grind to get them.

And concerning the seal clubbing issue: Welcome to Update 1.3 - "It is working as intended"! So don't blame other players, blame the system!

Yeah, that's how the devs seem to want the game to go. You guys were having fun and would continue playing a game that worked like that, right?

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We could go on for ages like this..Some hate it,some enjoy it,deal with it.But compare a game to slavery?Really?A slave didnt had a choise,you do.

99.9% of the playerbase hates it, and exactly one person seems to enjoy it. Even if you somehow find this fun, if everyone else chooses to abandon ship, you're not going to have the option to play it.

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How will you(please express your opinion) foorce people to stay on a f2p model game such as Dreadnought without tiers and grind?

If you think you can force someone to play a boring game by skinner boxing them, you underestimate how much competition there is out there. If you want to retain a playerbase, you need to make the game good first, and think about selling after you actually have someone to sell to.

For monotization, I'd strongly suggest cosmetics, it seems to be what all the actually successful f2p games are doing. I'd totally buy a custom skin and model add-ons, if I actually had something I felt proud flying to stick them on.

Yeah, as much as I used to love this game, I'm slowly losing all hope that this will ever get fixed. Pretty bitter that something I loved got torn away from me, but I guess I'll have the memories, and I'm sure someone will do it right eventually.

As far as wallets go, isn't the main thing you'd buy in this sort of game cosmetics? How can I buy cosmetics when I'm looking to ditch my current ship before too long, and when the whole tree is just the same ship over and over again with extra fins random gubbins cluttering it?

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It's just going to take some time, as well as some bumps, to get Dreadnought where it feels best.

Do you... actually have that kind of time? This isn't a speed bump, it's a bus traveling at a hundred miles an hour directly into a concrete wall. If you actually manage a comprehensive update and the game becomes tolerable in six months or a year... there's going to be no one left. I really think you need any functional fix immediately.

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The first 2 tiers are ment to learn the game,at least from my perspective.All the fun starts at tier 3 and above.Its just another layer added to the game,a bigger training ground.Which will probably make Legendary matches even more competitive.

Tier 4 and 5 battles is the same Dreadnought we played before.And you are not supposed to stay on tier 2 battles,but to progress.

So, yeah. Max-tier battles are the same game as we had before, and everything below that is unfair, grindey nonsense. So, what's that going to take? 100k for a tier 4 (who even knows what a tier 5 would be), 30 for tier 3, and lets just ignore the rest for now. Lets double that cost for all the modules you'd have to unlock, so 260k for a max teir ship, and fifteen total max tier ships. That's just under four million credits to unlock everything and be free to have some fun. So, currently making about 1k credits per game, and assuming MM actually worked, lets say a typical game lasts a half hour, including searching for a new one. That's around 2000 hours to complete the grind, or... 250 eight-hour days. Nearly a year of playing this game like it's a job, before you're allowed to have fun. Feel free to multiply it yourself if you don't have that kind of time on hand to play per day.

Now, uh... how long did it take you guys to hit level 50 before this update? I played for about a week before the update hit and I was around level 30. Stretching out the more complicated elements of the game so I have to play for around a couple weeks before everything's unlocked is fine. Doing the same in this system would take me around three years.