So i have this issue where trying to launch the game will ask for steam account link again, only to have the process fail.
anyone having this problem too?

i cant get past the login screen either but seems other players are online.

you can play now, if you dont mind the horrible lag


so, is it me or rapid fire mode 3 (artys) isnt working? I mean, the energy drops and there is a momentray damage increase, but its the same reload time after every shot. is this a bug, or a fancy new feature?

in my ase the new sound mix behaves a little better than the previous but i havent really played on all the ships.

Another problematic sound effect I’ve consistently noticed is a sound like bullets or munition flying past you whilst in game, at which point I’ve been furiously looking around to see who’s shooting at me only to find there’s nothing… I tested this issue further yesterday in a corvette by going far away from any enemy or friendly players and was still experiencing the same issue

exactly!, that leaves on the wind thing still happens randomly

but at least the constant jet engine seems to be gone. the draggin and laggin is still there for me

yes the steam launch was less than perfect. come on, show a little love to the developers, after all we do enjoy this game enough to play it.

on that subject, does anyone know if now the prices in the market are now set to the local currency?

found another bug, will submit bug report .

updated description for purge mode 5 in JA arty states 3 shots, but only fires 2, the third one is a regular shot even if within module duration. unable to verify if other artys have the same problem.

thx for the tip, sadly all devices lag the same

music does seem somewhat creepy, sadly i havent been able to pay attention to it because of the audio lagging and overlapping. so i turned it all the way down. for me is kinda confusing to stop hearing your shots getting fired if an arty is close, or far, or somewhere in the map. nuke alarm is super easy to miss. JA destroyer ammo lags within 15 shots.

i do like them, but theres something off about them and it might be how bassy they are now.

ty tuxedo for the correction, suddenly i feel much better about the buff. long live JA.

  • love the new sounds, tho sometimes it laggs when action gets heavy and some fx dont overlap as well as before.

  • love the new hangar, congrats on the dumpster fire. nice touch

  • did notice that endgame scoreboard will display steam account name instead of DN name. easy fix

  • is there a bug trying to edit the loadout for t5´s? it wont let you equip a t4 module from the previous line even if owned. just shows available t5 modules to buy and the t4 module equiped from before steam launch. i know because for my invictus i have several internal t4 modules and now it only allows for the pre steam that was left equiped and the new t5 ones that i have not bought yet.

other than that, seems very good