*"So Tip the scales is being redone so it does'nt boost health regen and slow energy regen anymore, but instead boost rate of fire and reload time... we already have an OB that does that its called Survival instinct."

exactly my next point, so both OB´s will stack up? plus a rapid fire rate module and a weapon booster module? is the time on go for a berserker build?

mmmm grind for it? or is there something to your question that im not getting? its for tacs only

Just for the love of god why, why would you want to bring the ships closer to the action and then give the av arty a 1 and 1.5 km advantage over every other ship in the game? Adding insult to the already minute hitbox, sizeable hit and superior health. An explanation to this particular buff would be nice as it seems completely pulled from thin air and no other propper counter other than "Git gut" .

thrust amplifier on sucha slow destroyer is almost wasted, its better for oberons destroyers and JA as an option. evasive is really good option , the fact that it fires sideways makes no difference, just orient your ship that way

every so often I get the server unavailable notice, but its just a matter of trying 2 more times to log in.

hi devs

noticed that the description of the h3 l l lasers module for destroyers and anti nuke lasers for tacs are both off, perhaps even those of corvettes and artys. it mentions the ability to take down missiles, torpedoes and nukes wich is clearly not true. only works for nukes. and the demo video clearly shows an arty taking down a goliath torpedoe.


also... h 3 l l laser got banned by the autofilter? lol come on!!!! you at least gotta whitelist your own module names

sent the videos for the stabia bug. no such luck for the orbit bug as it seems more random.

devs: just FYI:

oberon artillery t5 with t4 scrambler missiles will shoot them from the left side, rather than from the top; and 1 missile is fired downwards so its pretty useless. slomo missile seems to fire alright.

also this saturday several players including myself noticed being spawned with a ship different to the one selected AND confirmed, because in my case im positive i saw the correct ship warp in in orbit but was later switched. ask Lando


count me in for the invisible salvo bug test runs, happens quite often in my case; not only when the screen is busy but when servers are lagging too.

I´ve been noticing that disruption pulses are either not working at all or just for an incredible low amount of time. just know was able to blast away a vette with plasma well after being disrupted because the red icon was still showing.

I don´t recall this happening b4 the latest patch and can´t fint any posts regarding this issue recently

anyone else ?