my monarchs name is fat bertha

a command ship that undergunned is asking for trouble. may as well call it the jutland command ship

anyone else getting random disconnections from the server? already submitted this to customer support but wanted to know if this is happening to you also.

its a great ship and packs a h ell of a punch. doesnt feel like it because camera doesnt shake like having a seizure and the sound xf are also pretty meh. but it does hit hard

the jutlands needs an assault warp option. warp im from above and splat enemies

lets see how the gamemode works. at its core seems like warfare mode for ut3 . from the description seems like the fatter the ship the greater the influence and opens the door for niche roles in vettes, since they wont be of much help except for disrupting enemy links.

  1. how long does it take (for a vette) to disrupt enemy links?

  2. when dead, do you respawn at the nearest node or is it all the way to the base?

  3. what prevents an enemy ship to camp at enemy base and spawnkill just to hinder progress?

  4. what prevents the game from becoming stagnant?...besides the will to win

  5. seems like this mode heavily taxes ppl without discord

  6. do artys cover the same area as destroyers with same firing distance?, tier 3 arty covers even more?

  7. will bots be banned from joinning given the fact that they are much more of a liability now? can we at least order them to sit somewhere useful?

Very new player so don't know what coatings have been sold in the past.

you had more than 3 "pages" of coatings to choose from, some with very vivid colors. now the winter comet came and replaced everything with dull shades of gray, pastel greens and 3 different versions of the same shade of meh.

i could only get the bright yellow for JS artys and then it all went away

aún no están liberadas para PC, creo que no hay cambios con experiencia o créditos sin embargo leí que es dificil llenar las partidas con la base de jugadores actual. seguramente hacen cambios mas adelante

for starters id like to have all the previous coatings back. current selection is a little dull.

if there was a way to further customize VFX, id buy a rainbow colored JA heavy particle trail in a second.

wait for the hotfix for the infine loading screen guys.