love the update. the hangar is now glitchy tho.

anyone knows when if at all the previous coatings available for purchase are returning?

1.- most of the times i´ve been able to join a legendary match have been randomly during weeknights, around 7-9 CST.. saturdays around 3-5CST ans some sundays around 5CST. but last week couldnt find any. i never have started one via discord.

2.-not untill a few days ago i started using discord but you can tell some players squad up and coordinate in legendary matches. you can manage without. in my experience its 50/50. sometimes its a seal clubbing with more fireworks, sometimes its just a camping match

not the hangar in my case, but FPS do drop below playable on Ryugu haven daylight. along with VFX, invisible salvo, invisible ships. etc

its has a very steep learning curve. cant really duel other artys because the hitbox is huge given that you must fire from the side. agree, fly it like a vette, hit and run.

please developers , dont nerf artys too.

can also be annoyed by sentry pods, JA destroyers, OBERON artys and AV vettes.... or a sneaky vindicta

First of all I want to say that I really enjoy the game, but after flying some ships I find the idea of repetitive tech trees somewhat boring. Once you´ve flown a ship class you can safely bet the same class of one other manufacturer is going to have the same feeling to it give or take, and the third is something else entirely. I get it, copy paste tech trees and you are done. but that is precisely why people complaint about useless modules:

  • Why is there a turn amplifier on the oberon artys that have 360° arcs?

  • Why is there even ram module on AV destroyers when they are not fast enough to surprise anyone?

  • Why is there no ram module on the jutland to justify an afterburner clearly outperformed by the basic warp jump?
    After all, jutland owners can only use the 4th module with warp or try to patiently wait for the battle to come to them….or use paper maché fighters and attack from the edge of the map

  • Oberon artys get rapid fire mode too? , so little benefit from an already rapid fire sniper

  • Slow ammo is slower to fire from JA destroyers compared to oberon´s. there is really no need to further slow down a jutland or anything from AV..those vettes however…

  • Missile repeaters disperse completely at random, sometimes into walls, sometimes after missing the target

  • Target warp for vettes doesn’t work for the 1st CS to spawn but it will for the rest

and as usual, EVERYTHING IS OP!

Exp seems to have been fixed, however now im getting 10 infinite loading screens in a row. sometimes even the game wont start.

anyone else having the same issue?