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Take it with a grain of salt but i was talking with a level designer in twitch chat a couple days ago who said they were working on a objective game mode, didn't give much in the way of details so no idea what the objective is but (i think) he said it will not be a conquest game mode.

Has for the healing problem why don't we give it some time, the game has been in closed beta for less then a week. I say we just give players some time to come up with a counter, maybe there is some mid/high level upgrade or combination of upgrades that make it really easy to break a defensive team.

Yup, you were talking to me in Discord. And yes, an objective-driven game mode is in the works smile

The entrenched double healer tactic is something that's been around for a long time and something we're keeping an eye on. We've already made some healing changes over the course of the alpha and some more may come. We don't want to make a knee-jerk change that could harm the class at higher level play.

The alpha tournament was a lot of fun to watch! I can't wait to see this new one smile

Worry not captain, we'll have the ability to skip through the tutorial in a future update. Sit tight, we are very aware of the issue smile

We also have some stability fixes coming down the pipe too.

An objective based game mode that essentially builds tickets based on the player's actions is a potential avenue for future game modes. The tricky part that we have to nail down is making sure that each ship class can find a fun role to play and still contribute to their team's victory.

We do have something that we're working on but we don't have anything to show at the moment. Hopefully we can release some information in the not too distant future.

The plasma ram leaves a nice large glowing hole of fire and damage. smile It's really satisfying to see it on a dreadnought you just plowed into.

Some weapons like the Artillery Cruiser's primary and the Dreadnought's broadside have specific firing arcs.

At the moment, we don't have anything to share about hit-zones.

Merchandising Merchandising! Dreadnought the T-Shirt, Dreadnought the lunch box, Dreadnought the breakfast cereal! Dreadnought the flame-thrower!

premature broadside smile

Fear not, there's going to be a whirlwind of information very soon!

Great feedback. This topic has certainly been on our minds lately. I'll pass your post along to the other designers. I know they'd like to see it. smile

Welcome aboard!