We wouldn't want to implement the system as a separate game mode. We're afraid that it would split the community a bit too much. What we would wind up doing is implement a damage model for the entire game, However sophisticated it might be. What I'm talking about is essentially spots on a ship that do extra or reduced damage when you shoot them (like getting a headshot). Though I really do like the idea about how shooting certain sections can result in a specific temporary outcome. The trick would be communicating that information to the player receiving the damage/debuff.

It's more than that too. If we implemented strong/weak zones as you suggest you'd see some cool new tactics from players. Imagine Dreadnoughts lining up like old ships of the line, or corvettes taking long attack runs just to get a shot at a Dreadnought's engines, or maybe assaults facing the nose of their ship towards the enemy making them super aggressive.

It's a really cool system and something we feel could work with Dreadnought. I can't promise anything yet but keep asking, you may see it one day :)

Selerox#6711 posted (#post-2361)

Still really liking the look of the Destroyer, I love the balance of speed and firepower. Can't wait to see what the Heavy Destroyer can do. Could be a nice "line" ship.

I think you'll be pleasantly surprised when you see what it's packing. We were very careful not to show it off just yet. ;)

Nyanko#3267 posted (#post-2310)

About the reticle, it appears it checks if you are actually gonna hit the target rather than showing you are pointing at it. Cause several times in the video, it was showing red even though it was ahead of the ship. Or maybe is it just lagging?

If it's the latter it's fine cause I wouldn't want the reticle to guess for me when I am trying to aim properly according to the tragectory of my target. I prefer to be the one guessing right, it's more rewarding.

Yes, the second reticule tells you where your guns are pointing relevant to the camera. It helps tremendously when targeting ships at close range.

The color on the reticule indicates the weapon's effective range. Red for maximum and yellow for minimum. If it's uncolored then the weapon is either out of range or not targeting an enemy ship.

Yup, just throw it out and get a conversation going. We love reading about all the ideas you all come up with :)

jownsy#3157 posted (#post-2300)

yea i hope there will be ranked matchmaking and also lobbysystems or a system were organized teams can match against each other in scrims

So far we have all of those planned :)

Apart from our progression system, we really want to foster a competition scene. While we don't have anything laid out yet, things like a ladder or tournaments are definitely things we want to do.

While we won't change the rules for TE to include a draft pick, we may in the future add this as a custom option for custom matches. The other designers like the idea but it's a low priority thing for now. As for cheap tactics, we'll be very vigilant on making sure some meta doesn't wind up breaking the game :)

While we don't have anything at the moment we have talked about this in depth and it's something we really want to do in the future. We've discussed several ideas but I wouldn't expect something as complicated as the Battletech's/Mechwarrior's paper doll system.

Perhaps it's like comparing the Yamato to the Gerald R. Ford? ;)