In addition to being able to customize your ship, you'll be able to customize your crew. As your captain levels up, so will your crew, and new perks will unlock for your captain and officers. It's not a traditional talent tree, but there will be robust customization options available.

A ship graveyard is something we really want to do. The challenge comes from making cover that makes sense. Since you're already piloting the largest ships, a derelict dreadnought wouldn't provide the best cover. Having an old battlefield on a planet surface could be a good way of doing it.

CosmicNite#9570 posted (#post-1218)

I think I've read somewhere that gameplay isn't going to be effected by things like gravity, wind resistance ...etc making space and planet battles balanced.

Some weapons and abilities are indeed affected by gravity. For example, missiles have a better vertical thrust in space/low gravity environments.

Kaiser Reinhard von Lohengramm!!

Seig mein Kaiser! Seig Kaiser Reinhard!

Verticality is a huge challenge when designing maps for Dreandought. Too much and players get disoriented when trying to pilot while aiming up or down. In addition, classes like the dreadnought take ages to ascend over structures that are too tall. Too little verticality and the map gets a bit stale and certain classes like the artillery cruiser become very powerful.

Chipinators#8309 posted (#post-655)

Let me first get a stupid question out of the way, once you spawn in the small fighter ship after dying can you continue to die and respawn in the small fighters? Or it is like a second life thing where its Capitol Ship > Small Fighter > Dead?

My only concern is (as an Artillery Cruiser) small, fast ships that can come out of nowhere are the bane of our existence. How powerful will the small fighters be when taking on capitol ships? My hope would be that they do less damage and have less health than the scout ships. When you kill a capitol ship you should be able to feel the advantage on the battlefield.

In regards to voice coms I think they should definitely have them implemented into the game. With something so tactical as Dreadnought it's hard not to. I would also expect there to be separate queues, one for unranked play and one for ranked.

You can continually respawn as a fighter as long as the round is still going on. Once the round ends you'll be put back into your capital ship of choice. As far as how powerful fighters are vs capital ships, I would have to say it's like a single Cylon raider vs the Galactica.

There are two boundaries in each map, the warning boundary and the warp-back boundary. When you hit the warning boundary, a warning will appear on your screen telling you to return the the battlefield. If you continue you'll hit the warp-back boundary and your ship will be warped back to the battlefield near where you hit the warp-back boundary. This will also put you just outside the warning boundary so when you warp back you won't have warnings on your screen. In addition, the edge of the maps generally have less cover.

The thing we have to keep in mind when designing game modes is that we would prefer not to create a ship type that the players cannot captain. In addition, the player would feel small compared to a large titan, this is not the feeling we want players to have while in their capital ships.

That being said, we're also a bit hesitant about designing an attack/defend mode where the objective is to attack another team's assets. We feel that rush tactics would triumph over the kind of strategic planning that we see in a mode like Team Elimination.

Darkloser#6427 posted (#post-730)

For Team Elimination mode : Will we be able to have multiple aircraft class and customization like for the Ships ? Like kind of Bombers and Interceptors style ?

Do you plan to make only team modes or will there be some free for all modes as well ? Will we see more than two teams in some team modes ?

What are your plans on the map sizes, will you try to always get the approximative same size or will you try to do different sizes ?

I don't know if it really belong in this section, but do you plan anything on community creation (like the possibility to create content for the game, be it modes or maps or something else, and submit them to you for validation) ?

Can I play as a little fighter and do a star wars remake by bombing a planet sized interstellar station ?

That's what I got in mind for now. I will post more if I have other questions.

  1. We currently have 3 different fighters. A fighter jet, a bomber, and an interceptor. The latter can use its anti-missile laser to shoot down enemy missiles.

  2. We currently have no plans for a free-for-all mode. Almost all of Dreadnought's balance is around team play.

  3. Map sizes is actually an evolving form at the moment, and it's quite exciting really. We're actually investigating maps that are almost double the size of our ice map. A bigger map really opens up strategy planning for Team Elimination.

  4. This is something we'd definitely like to do but we won't be able to do anything early on.

  5. Since we don't have any planet destroying space stations, you'll have to settle with bombing large capital ships. :)

    Chipinators#8309 posted (#post-702)

    Ever thought about big-team battle mode, something like 15-20+ people per team? I've always been a fan of large team games and it'd be cool to have two huge armadas fighting against each other!

It's been brought up several times and we've decided to keep it 5 v 5 for now. We feel that 5 v 5 is a nice sweet spot for team coordination. Too many players could turn into a spam-fest and any semblance of team play would be lost. There's also severe performance implications when you add a lot of players into a match. However, we may revisit this in the future.

As for really large maps, since we're limited by the player count, there's a certain sweet spot when it comes to map size. Go too small and there's no need for careful positioning. Go too big and players will spend too much time looking for enemies to shoot.


Greetings! My name's Nathan and I'll be handling all your multiplayer level design needs as well as multiplayer game modes. I'm super excited to be working with the community and can't wait to see what kind of feedback and ideas you send my way. :)