I too, rarely finish off corvettes with my flak. I do however like the flak cannons still, because it chunks out a shield very fast. If a corvette tries to ambush me, I open with the flak cannons to obliterate it's shield when it inevitably becomes raised, and as soon as they start to run away, I switch to my mains and lead my shots for a kill. Very rarely will a corvette get away from me in a destroyer, and even then it's because other things happened and I had to pay attention to something more immediate.

I'm for queued activation myself. the 0.5s global cooldown seems somewhat appropriate, as most MOBAs have a similar system to prevent a bust meta. I would like to give the command for all the modules I want and concentrate on leading fire and maneuvering, not taking tiny halts to issue off a rapid series of commands.

BellatorMonk#1771 posted (#post-34586)

Yep not a fan of delayed module activation. I spend to much time looking at the hot bars to see if things are activating as 1-2 Corvettes are sitting of my Bow just pew pewing away.

I should be able to press the module button and not have to check and see if it activated because of another module conflicting.

At the very least they should queue activate then.

1Mad#1596 posted (#post-34373)

if you can instantly vaporize the entire enemy ship sure... but untill you can its perfectly feasible to be able to fire one last salvo/missle/torpedo spread as your ship explodes piecemeal around you!!!!!

I'm in this camp on this one. I don't think it's a bug at all, I think it's working as intended and makes for some very intense firefights with possible mutually assured destruction.

Only gamepad I can get to work in the game is the Steam Controller, and that's with it configured as a mouse+keyboard proxy.

The dashboard menu, which looks like a "buy my stuff" page has a button on it that takes you to your stats page.

This is the exact teamwork that everyone is talking about on how to counter a good tac. It is possible to out DPS a single tac with only 2 other ships, but really you need to be focusing on the tac and not the ship it's repairing. Unfortunately, most new players see the big Monarch out in the open and just start shooting at it and completely ignore the Tac healing it, even when the Tac gets flushed out into the open.

l3loodless#6326 posted (#post-34357)

What everyone else has said. Corvettes are easy enough to deal with, sometimes a lone healer can deal with them if built properly....And if the Vett player has trouble hitting his shots. As for healing, there have been many times where a enemy team has out DPSed my healing, I have no trouble with any of your issues personally.

There's rumours of allowing for community created content in this game on launch (Custom skins, attachments, decals, etc.), probably similar to the way Planetside 2 and Warframe handle it, where there's a curation process to filter out the profane submissions, and possibly a community feedback/voting part to it as well. The creator could get to pocket most (or all) of the proceeds from what was put in the market.

I still think that for the prices they're putting out there, we need colour packs and the abilitiy to set primary, secondary, and tertiary colours on ships, rather than the pre-made colour sets. What I'm wanting is the way that Warframe does their colour sales. It works great and generates a good bit of sales.

Gummiel#9225 posted (#post-34276)

  1. I do believe you get more reputation (xp) depending on your score in the game

You do get more XP based on your score, and your score is directly influenced by what you do in game (Heal, tank, kill, deal damage, save people, take out a healer, etc.). If you earned a ribbon for doing something, then you're getting a score for it, and you're getting more XP for that higher score. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe your score in a game is your XP gain.

However, the OP is referring to FP, the currency. I kind of agree with him, but I think it shouldn't be too drastic, maybe have an additional 75, 50, and 25 FP for the top 3 players on each team. This could encourage good players put into a bad game to stick it out instead of just dropping the match and getting another queue.

Yep, and that's the problem with solo queue and the lack of coordination. In games of pre-made teams, this tactic is usually the best way to deal with a Koschei. That or use a couple of nukes to flush out/weaken the healer before the corvette takes it out. Even the vette trading 1 for 1, taking out the healer should net you 2 or 3 more kills with focus fire.

Mantissa#4322 posted (#post-34265)

My problem is with Koscheis that just sit in a corner out of sight of the enemy team. When this happens, I usually switch to my flanking Nox to flush him out, and when I finally manage to get the PoS out into the open, my team never fires at him. They just keep on plugging away at the full health dreadnought he's healing, which has been at full health for the past two minutes.