People are likely using them more due to the late nuc siren. I've had numerous matches where the siren goes off a split second before it hits. I haven't had luck with anti-nuc lasers/HL's in several months. The HL module used to blink for a second when a nuc was launched and they worked great. They were "fixed" and now light up and intercept everything; plus they blind you. The only benefit to nuc's that I really see in leg matches is for snipers. If I'm in a dread with good heals, I want the nuc's launched at me because it decreases my cooldowns big time.

I've noticed more bots in the Vet matches as well, but it's fine with me. I would rather have the matches pop rather than sit there forever. It turns into a 2 vs 2 or 3 vs 3 pretty much in those matches. The most difficult part of those matches is when the opposing teams bots decide to actually heal. Somehow the bots are better healers than most players. The trick is getting them to actually follow you.

With all of the issues since launch, player confidence is at an all time low. I don't mind spending money on a game that I see has a long term future and is fun to play. But, no way will I spend money on something that I'm not sure will even be up and running from one day to the next.

As far as squads, I used to not care if I played against them at all (I solo queue). I figure that I could learn something by playing against squads. But, at this point, if I see a squad using all rams or vettes, etc, I just think they're a bunch of a-holes that don't care if the game succeeds.

I would suggest that you grind the Dola in a deathmatch where you should have some heal support. Stick in a goliath or maybe even tempest missles. You'll grind thru it fast enough. I would never recommend using the Dola in conquest where the point is to split up. It's too weak and slow.

Once the update hits where tier 3 is the top level in Veteran, the grind will be much easier. Tier 2 vs tier 3 actually sounds fun. You don't have to worry about assault blink warping vettes, etc.

I second what Reclaimer said. The event is great to get xp. I wish we could get a double credit event at some point. The credits don't keep up with the xp. I hope they fix this module bug pretty quick so that we can add previous tier mods on new ships. I was excited to get a nevis, but man it sucks with the stock mods.

Alot of people are playing during the event and I expect the numbers will drop off some after the event due to burnout. Don't get discouraged. Keep logging in and playing.

If you have tractor beam pods, nuc mine, blast pulse and emergency evac (similar to what lando described) you can hold your own. The problem is they'll catch on to it and target you since typically the rest of your team doesnt catch on how to deal with it and your're left hanging. I've also found disruptor autobeams on an artillery (tier IV and V) does a good job of throwing vettes off. You just have to constantly keep an eye on it and be ready to activate it as soon as the module turns green.

l play on both platforms...mostly PC now though. It seems most of the upper level players on PS4 just want to run vettes. So a battle is typically against 2 tier IV vettes, 1 random and 2 bots. TDM gameplay is mostly a free for all. PC gameplay is much funner to me.

A harwich/cattaro is the best counter for a vette that I've found. If I see a good vette player on the other team or multiple vettes, I'll use tractor beam, nuc mine, blast pulse and emergency evac. That's also a great counter for ramming vindicta's. The tractor pod will pull the vettes away from you. Plus, just having something trapped in the tractor beam will alert you that an enemy is near. The only caveat is that it doesn't work as well against cloaked vettes.

Before the harwich setup, I used stasis pulse on a gravis, which worked ok. Scrambler pulse followed by storms and flak work pretty good in a destroyer. Biggest thing is you have to spot them 1st.

I'm not one to typically complain. But, I've seen a practice going on in a few recruit matches that is just going to deter new people. Within just the last few days that I've played the pc version, I've seen a few very experienced players jump in with corvettes and wreak havoc. I decided to try out the pc version after having played the ps4 version for a while. Getting used to a keyboard is a pain after switching from a controller. I'm not new to the game, just having to get used to a keyboard and mouse. It's really a pain when a lvl 50 person jumps in and flies around with a vette when others are just trying to get used to the game. I can certainly see where a person trying out the game says "screw this" and moves on to something else.