Also, people quitting an entire game over a single match is the problem of the current generation of ADD-afflicted, spoiled gamers. If people expect to waltz into a completely new game (especially one that relies on teamplay more than individual skill) and not lose horribly until they learn how to play, they need a reality check. Trolling or not, if one can't handle a bunch of bad losses, competitive games are probably not for them.

Kind of brutal, But I agree.


I agree, 99% of what he says!

The 1 Percent is because Knowhere Man and I play differently smile

+1 !!!

Their is no blink warp on Dreads, Just Warp Drive, And the tactic you are using works ... I would say 60% of the time 1 on 1 ... Of course that depends entirely on who you are fighting, what ship they are using and abilities.

But you have to get in the first shot. Or Broadside, BEFORE the shields go up is best.

But if you go after a person in a squad, you are just a feeder.

But you give advanced warning of the warp drive animation, and it gives your approximate exit point too ...

So they know to look where you "Should" be in about 5 seconds.

Well, I know it is an AOE Effect, so it MAY have a potential damage that high, But in reality it is not as good as the numbers suggest.

I think your Kreshnik numbers are WAY WAY off.

I think you used the tooltip description of a 30 round clip in your calculations.

Kresnik fires 2 shots, then needs to reload in actuality.

You will want to refigure your calculations for that. The tooltips are wrong, more often then they are right.

They are doing an overhall of them but it is not implemented yet.

Most likely, it is Weaponbooster pulse on the Gora's giving them 50 points per ship killed while they boosted their, and their allies weapons, allies kills also gives you the 50 points.

You can very easily as a team kill a ship even if it is being healed, Depending on your ship setup and class and range, you can also kill it alone even if it is being healed.

Purge abilities on the one you are shooting.Weapon breaker missile on the Tactical, Disrupter missile on the tactical, Blocking LOS of healing.

And you have to remember, you are describing 1 ship attacking ... 2 ships ... If 1 ship can beat two ships ... that is INSANELY imbalanced and unfair ... but 1 ship LOSING to two ships IS MUCH more reasonable.

Plus the Tactical cruiser is insanely weak and easy to kill compared to most anything else that it is healing.

So, Just remember to always shoot the ship being healed and never change tactics and then complain why you lost.

So, you DN_ guys out there, if you want to make Cattaro really unique - make its primary weapon deal damage to energy, and let it donate its energy to allies. That's part of why I wanted less reliance on shields. It would let Cattaro justify donating some of its power to other pilots, rather than going "NO, all mine!" in the middle of battle. It could be a fun direction for the ship!

I never thought of dealing damage to energy ... And when energy is gone ... Then it DPS's?

That is a very unique thought and plan, The main idea I had was, as you deal damage with the primary weapon, say half the damage you deal, heals the closest ship / ships.

I thought that would be very neat to see, now I am torn, Or a combo of both ... lol

Maybe when it deals damage to energy it heals allies close by? Or gives allies the energy it steals?

Or, you deal deal damage to allies it gifts it, like above to allies, then heals them when you deal damage to enemies when there is no energy to steal???

Vents about how horrible Ventrilo, TS,TS2,TS3 and every other VOIP works compared to Discord

And yes, I do mean HORRIBLE!

Cue raging against me for daring to have an opinion!

I don't play corvette much ... But I am better at it than I was ... But that is not saying MUCH ...

But everything I heard from people who do is ... Don't use it, It equals a death sentence.