Highest potential damage though is a Module amped Nuke.

5 targets CAN be hit for the full amount of damage.

Well, an artillery cruiser will lose to practically anything if it gets to it's side and or behind it and can't shoot who is shooting it.

Controversly, if you are not in a Nox, you can almost 2 shot a Talionis, And you have 7.1k of range if you see him in it you can shoot him dead, Pretty much ... in about 3 seconds.

And if a Talionis is hitting the Arty ... Well one or more of 4 things happened

1 You were out of position

2 Your team was just killed

3 You were called out to be killed by someone you were annoying by shooting them.

4, The guy realizes you don't have any abilities that can stop him and your team can't protect you, and goes for the easy kill.

Although if you complain and rage at them in chat over them killing you, Pretty much expect things to NOT get better because you raged.

I stopped counting the number of ... Whatever is OP threads.

Lets see ... Corvettes OP,Healing OP, Rams OP, Purge OP,Gora OP,Artillery OP,Monarch OP.... And so on

If they are all OP? What???

Also you need to go to the hero tab, and click the + to add the hero ship or ships.

Semi official Dreadnought Discord.

That channel is blocked off from regular users.

Don't worry, they have done this before smile

People can be added.


Well, I'll just ask this question as I am leaving ...

What cruisers are you talking about?

Tactical or Artillery?

They are both awesome.

Short answer.

Long answer ... Nox is not good.

Aion is better at range healing than the Koschei

Even my long answers are short when I am rushed and have to go! lol

I never considered reading the damage as damage from your 1-2-3-4 abilities, As you already have Module amper giving you a 30% boost in damage to the damage ablities there, with no drawback.

You have to put energy to weapons, use the ability and turn off energy, if snapshots it with the boosted damage at that time.

Better mines? Better missiles? Better nukes?

They do pretty decent damage, You are not likely to go out and hunt corvettes or anyone down with the light machine guns ... Well without other modules to help with damage at the very least ...

But still would be very risky.

But if a corvette is half health ... You can likely kill it in 3-5 seconds, Assuming you hit it ... and that is does not have shields ... and no desperate messures smile

But you have pretty good range and a good rate of fire.

Tesla Turrets secondaries ... IF the person you are shooting at is within 400m ... I think that is the range???

You do good damage ... But the Rate of Fire on them is a bit slow ... so you do good burst damage ... then nothing till the cycle of burst comes around again ... By that time a corvette has already flown out of range most likely.

Or you are dead, or he is dead!

IDK anything about light rocket turrets, so I can't comment.

This is not my primary ship class played.

Different strokes for different folks.

But being able to use the flak effectively?

And taking an entire OB for a situational use?

No argument it would work, and work well in those situations, you just need to get in those situations and survive.

Description says weapon, and the healing beam is a weapon ... I also assume it works on secondary weapons as well.