If you are able too, You can buy a founders pack and be able to play right now!

Also there is several other ways you may get a code to play the game from a Streamer on Twitch, they give them away for watching, and the twitch Stream for Dreadnought, on Thorsday, and Friday you may be able to get a code to play then.

Looking forward to seeing you on man!

Nyanko#3267 posted (#post-37530)

After playing this morning seeing how players just prefer to focus on the monarch rather than the healer, I think it's not the medic that is OP, it's the people who just don't know how to deal with it. Even after repeating a thousand times in chat to focus healer, nobody does that. There is some sort of weird psychological compelling to just fire at the big thing rather than being smart and try to kill the food chain. And it seems to be a barrier most players don't manage to overcome.

Reported, Reason ... PRAISE !!!

smile Another one sees the light!

Or the people that think ... Wait ... I have been sitting here shooting at this guy for the last 3 minutes and I have not killed him yet ... Maybe if I keep doing the same thing ... something will change??? !!!

You can take Screenshots, record the game,Stream the game, Post videos of the game.

Come get in more people for the Glory of Dreadnought!

It's ok man, I don't have any scars smile

Yup, insane risks. Mostly "dying of boredom while keeping repair beam attached to friendly ship scoring 10 points a second for repairing ship at full armor"

You don't get points if you have nothing to heal.

The risk of being ...

Number 1 Target by Corvettes.

Number 1 Target by Snipers.

Number 1 Target by Destroyers.

Number 1 target by Dreadnoughts.

And if you ever get in range of each other.

The number 1 target by other tac cruisers.

If the other team does NOT push and your team is just sitting in a turtle ...

You have a Turtle war ... Yay ... And nothing happens ... that is boring and a pretty pointless battle, no skill involved at all by either side.

A turtle is death by a thousand cuts.

Or ... Nuke death ... Or Plasma Ram Death... Or 1000 other ways to die if you choose that against a good team.

I have played a Gora, and outscored the healer by several thousand points, And yes, it was a good healer, doing it's job, I just weaponboosted in the group and got points for every one of my teamamtes making a kill.

Not very many people play a sniper, Very risky with the corvettes flying around.

That reduces the score by a bunch,Having to move and worry about a ship killing you is frustrating.

But you can get a bunch of capital kills and assists if you are able to focus completely on sniping.

However, that requires the team to cover you, and the other team to be in the open, and the ability to steal kills .. .I mean ... Secure kills !!!

But I have seen snipers top the scoreboards before, But mostly that is because of being able to pick off ships that ignore the sniper.

Tac cruisers, Run insane risks to even play them, So your risk/ reward is high as well, IF .... IF .... IF !!! You do well you get high rewards, And IF your team has enough brains as a fart in the wind to stay with you and not yolo in and go ... Ohhh Look .... I haz a warp! Let me warp into the red guyz thingy shipz overz der !!!

And I challenge you to find some good Tac player that has NOT seen that happen over and over...

So yes, you get team scoring, with Wepaonbooster pulse you get points for helping booster your TEAM ... Armourbooster ... For helping your team ... Assists .... For helping your team ... Capital Kills ... For helping your team...

And anyone that goes off alone and successfully scores high? By leaving their team?

Although Corvettes CAN do it ..

Mostly that is just proof of you facing players who are not skilled, NOT that the player who scored high is good.

Corvettes pilots, IF they are good, kind of bend that rule I just stated though, But they run insane risks as well as the Tac cruiser does.

Overall, I Like the changes and improvements, It makes the gameplay more interesting and less lone wolf friendly in some ships.

I did notice on the list of changes.

Overclock Pulse, Weaponbooster Pulse and Cloak Pulse no longer deal small amounts of damage to your own ship.

It mentions your own ship, but not other ships.

And Armorbooster pulse did the same 1 tick of damage as well, but it was not listed in the changes.

MNGA Make Nukes Great Again!!!

And you did it !!! WOOT !!!

Before in most instances, it was an inviable option to take a nuke.

In my opinion at least.

I still did it, it just was very situational as to using it to it's best potential.

I wish my Destroyer Energy generator did not got a longer cooldown, but I understand why.

Module Amper working for mines now? WOOT !!!

That is about it for comments for things I noticed.

The other things of the icons lighting up, and the crash fixes everything else is good.

Seriously man?

You pick on two things, argueably that needed or didn't need a nerf,

And you put that as a title?

What exactly is your goal?

And just so you know ... Nukes do MODERATE damage at best the way they are now.

They needed a buff hardcore.

And For the record, as far as I know .. Bomb catapult at best is VERY minor in tacking, I think it just centers the bombs on the ship you target.

If the ship moves ... IT DOES NOT FOLLOW! They are not missiles.

You could / Can at the time of this post, One shot a Zmey with Bomb catapult, Probably why it is getting it's Rate of fire lowered.

And Fulgora Damage, probably because they wolf packed in groups and circled smile

Zrakell#5970 posted (#post-36939)

ChaosWraith#8422 posted (#post-36938)

Try Discord, You are able to get on a team, in a TEAM GAME!

A lot easier that way.

Also their are Devs on Discord.

Just try and not pester them unnecessarily.

I think they would appreciate that.

What you posted have nothing to do with what i said. Im not complaining about team composition(this time), and even if they're on some 3rd party program, any update info should be available on game website.

Um, it has everything to do with what you asked, You said you wanted communication ... and if you have access to someone you can talk too, wait ... Isn't that communication?

Well, it is one half of it.

And wait ...

THAT is patch notes ... on the website.