I understand what you are saying, been on the receiving and giving end of a lot of purge abilities.

I took the time to list all of the counters and the levels to show that yes there is counters, and they are lower level modules anyone can get very easily.

They are just overlooked and I didn't want someone to come in, a new player, and read your post and go ... Ohh I have NO chance of playing against that!

And to not play this awesome game.

Because while you have a point, I am being the positive one today! YAY!


And I would say the most powerful counter to Purge abilities is awareness.

Don't go flying in and then get purge nuked and killed and scream Purge OP, or Purge moded by the Artillery cruiser.

You have to use SOME cover at least to advance, or not be caught in the open if you are purged, the VERY first thing I do when hit with a purge ability is inform my Tactical cruiser, I'm Purged ... And 95% of the time I am perfectly fine when my Tac knows.

Try Discord, You are able to get on a team, in a TEAM GAME!

A lot easier that way.

Also their are Devs on Discord.

Just try and not pester them unnecessarily.

I think they would appreciate that.

First off ... It's a team game so you need to get on Discord to make a team.

Secondly, Work with your team, lol Very basic so far! YOLO is BAD in most cases ... Stay away from the edge!

Thirdly, Learn your role, your ship you really like playing, And then learn some more classes and ships you can play for diversity and opening up your ability to play with different people, [Example] If no one knows how to play a tactical cruiser in the group you are in, you may be in for a beating.

Fourth HAVE FUN WITH THE GAME! Mess around in a corvette, Artillery cruiser, Ramcam, Nuke with a dread and warp in !!!

But get your timing right with that or you will nuke yourself. smile


Learn to use it and when to turn it off.

And here is the link to the Discord server

I know the pain you have experienced!

But there is counters to them.

Purge ram, level 40 Unlock, Countered by,Disrupter missile level 5 unlock, In fact I had a forum post where I listed 31 different ways or abilities to counter rams.

Purge mode,lever 26 unlock, is 1 shot ...or 5 seconds, with a 60 second cooldown. And you cripple yourself by using it, stops movement for those 5 seconds, and drains your Energy, that is an insane thing to use if you are under ANY Pressure at all from anyone. + Disrupter Missile again counters it.

Purge Nuke level 50 Unlock, Most useful purge ability, Can hit yourself with your own nuke if your teammate is above you ... If you see it coming ... don't stay in the open ... Free tip there ... lol

In fact if you are close to the person who sent it, you can charge them so they get purged by their own nuke!

Counters are ...Disrupter missile level 5,Anti Nuke lasers Artillery version, level 6,Anti Nuke lasers Tactical cruiser level 8, Anti Nuke lasers Destroyer version, level 9.

And Purge Beam on Tactical cruisers level 46 unlock...It is more or less glorfied suicide to use.

Unless you LIKE taking a ton more damage and removing ALL of your energy, with a 60 second cooldown.

But useable ... With a team to protect you.

In short ... For the TL;DR people ...

Yes they are very detrimental to you and your team, but they take risks to use them, or their is counters at low levels, that just seem to be overlooked, but need to be used sometimes!

So at much lower levels there is counters to the higher level abilities.

It is credited too you as far as I know, you just have to close the client completely and reopen the program, And yes I said completely, that includes closing and reopening the launcher, From what I have read and remember on similar posts mentioning the same thing.

Well, a "best build" ?

It depends on what ship and class you are trying to use, for the "best" build.

And that is all dependent on your playstyle and what your team needs.

Well, for Modules ... If you are high enough level, Retaliator, Module Amper Fits your playstle module and then Adrenaline shot.

Those at this time at least, seem to be the best to use in almost any ship or class,Except for Corvettes, and Artillery cruisers ,Retaliator and Adrenaline shot ... Well, you probably will see no use in using them.

I listed Officer briefings, as ship loadouts vary so much by playstyle and what your team will need for you to bring.

So you may be good at plasma or purge ramming ...

Or love nuking ships.

Nothing is BAD ... Just not the best for what your team needs,Although you have to be adaptable.

If you feed the enemy team with a corvette 7 kills, maybe you should NOT feed them,So change to something to do good and for your team.

For Destroyers, you want things that synergise well, Storm Missiles and Torpedo salvo for example, Soemthing that you want to use ... When they have No shields and cannot evade the missiles and torpedoes.

For a Dreadnought, well most of the time Dreadnoughts end up in closerange brawler fights, CQC, so you want 1-2 abilities set aside for that, Pick something that works well together and with your playstyle.

[ Invictus is a little squishy for brawling I think. But it can be done still]

Artillery cruisers, You want to make sure you have 1-2 abilities JUST to kill off the inevitable corvette showing up in your face.

Something you like and can use well, also being able to be CLOSE enough to your Tactical so they can heal you and you don't feed the enemy.

Tactical Cruisers, well You can go one of four ways with that, 1.Pure healing,2.Pure survivability, 3.Pure damaging the inevitable corvette or plasma rammer coming for you, 4.Or Hybrid.

And corvette ... well I don't really know enough to comment smile lol

But they are the bane of disorginized not on Discord teams.

But you can attempt being sneaky sneaky with Cloak ... Only really works if no one is looking for it ...

But I think being more, fly in shoot, drop off an explosive torpedo shaped gifts and maybe securing a kill and running, is more of my playstyle, but I don't do good with it smile But others do !!!

Edited note

Wyvyries mentioned building on strengths on ship classes and yes that is right, He used Building a tanky tanky Monarch as an example, and that is building on the strength of a ship to use it's full potential, But you also have to consider your team before you take a Monarch, or any ship, If you are in that tanky monarch for example, 80% of the time, the fight will be over before you get "to" the fight, and you just were able to shoot at range and not get in CQC, If your team is more speedy than you, you want to consider getting something that synergises well with your team.

But if your team is more Dreadnought focused, and the map supports the Monarch and you are able to use it properly,And you have a good Tactical cruiser to keep you up?

Then it's an awesome ship to play!

I have also lost count of all the times I have invited people to get on Discord and to play with us and or me and to form a team, Is it my fault they do not?

Or is it theirs?

It is one or the other.

First off, You don't have to pay to play this game ...

You CAN buy a founders pack, for 10$ and 40$

That gives you a deal, I suspect the prices of GP and for the Hero ships is lowered insanely low for a founders pack, So they are technically taking a loss I suspect.

And excuse me ... regarding not letting people squad up together?

This is a Multiplayer PVP game, What is the point of a team game if you cannot play on a team?

Any answer from the OP?

Something that will make sense please.

Thank you.

WELL Worth it!

Welcome to the most awesome game !!!

See and maybe kill you in game!

It does 1 damage per pulse, It is NOT gamebreaking.

But I guess it may not mean you will regen out of combat if it thinks you are in combat, by taking damage that may be the case IDK.