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For those against a tiered system, I have ONE question..

How do you expect new players and lesser ships and stats to compete again those older experienced ships and players then?

You want to complain about a tier system but offer no solution to that dilemna.. Without some kind of system in place, explain YOUR solution to the problem because I would love to hear it.

Months down the road when you have all your experience and beefed up ships, what is going to keep young new players from joining when all they end up being is fodder for you to laugh in glee because you have all the power?

A properly tuned matchmaking algorithm negates any need for a tiered system. Players are then simply matched with other players of similar skill. Tiered systems like this are typically common in free to play games because they can easily turn it into a strong incentive program to buy a carrot on stick item. Example: you reach a new tier but suddenly find that your not even close to affording one of those shiny new ships BUT you can have it now if you spend real money to buy some premium gold space credits.

Many of us do not like the F2P model since it throws a lot of the competitive aspect of the game out the window in favor of begging you to open your wallet and buy a premium item. Horizontal progression systems are superior when it comes to competitive and balanced gameplay.

I agree about the tier system... I also do not like F2P nor Pay to win.

With a game like this, just not sure how to make it work to bring in and keep players.

With proper matchmaking evne if the game fails to find 10 players of equal experiance it can balance out the team in the match by having say 1 lowlvl on each team, 2 midlvl players and 2 high lvl players, and that way each team should have a roughly equal chance of winning, and on top of that the low and midlvl players might even learn a thing from such a map from playing both with and against the highlvls without just being roflstomped because of onesided teams (and I suspect actually the current matchmaking giving a bigger pool of players is pretty close to this actually) Proper matchmkaing beat any kind of tier system anyday

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Yes. Many people think Corvettes are extremely powerful. Every single time, players come out of the woodwork to either support them or shoot them down.

Every time, the exact same thing happens: The thread ends with a stalemate, and dies.

Only 3 of those links, actually works, and I could quite easily find just as many threads with people stating that koshei (or healers in general even) are unkillable or OP, so which is it? Or might it come down to whoever got the most skill in flying their ship maybe?

Yeah I seen fightersymbols (NOT corvette, actual fighter symbols) at the endgame screen, and that is in TDM

Weird I get 2 out of the 3 slots

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Corvettes dish out too much damage too fast and then just escape before anyone can react

Funny how I killed plenty of corvettes trying to ambush my healer teammate and even a handfull while being the healer targeted

That is exactly what it is supposed to be able to if the koshei (I assume that is the one you mean when you say tankiest support ship) player not his team choose to ignore the corvette coming

loadouts is not even close to cosmetic LOL doesn't change the look of anything, however it gives you flexibilty in the match, and flexibility certainly IS power in this game (maybe not a lvl 10, but at highlvl/competitive play it certainly is power)

well the whole loadout system probably gonna change a lot anyway with the 2.0 progression coming with the different tiers, but otherworldly yes it would kinda be pay to win to just plain add more for GP, as it does gives you more options in a match to counter the enemy team

The game will be F2P at release, though AFAIK there is no plans to actually release it on steam

Doesn't sound much if any different from what the devs were showing in the stream, the main problem is the plain power increase which you still have in your model, so wont satisfy many ppl what you wrote there